Monday, December 14, 2015

A few recent catches

DP went out one afternoon last week, caught bait and located these Stripers on his HDS 8. As you can see on the screen shot below he was traveling 5 mph when he went over the school. He turned around and put downlines on the fish and caught this stringer in less than 20 minutes. It pays to trust your electronics!

 The left screen in side scan and the right is down scan.

 This is the sonar pic of him approaching the fish on plane on the left half of the screen then slowing down and marking the school under his boat.

Mike, Ernie, John, Art and Joe

Anthony at SML

 Anthony took some time off and went to Smith Mountain Lake to try out his new boat and tackle some Stripers up in the teens. He is holding his fish next to 24 inches of Lowrance up on his dash. He has another 12 up on the bow for catching bait. Poor Boy!

 Anthony and Jeff holding up a couple they hooked up at the same time., You can see he is pulling boards and covering most of the creek.

 Jeff holding a couple nice ones.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Simrad Screen Shots

 This shot was taken back in late November. We had been working 30 to 40 foot flats catching Striper after Striper. I had just located this school and you can see on the sonar page use dropping a bait and egg sinker down into the school of fish [about 3/4 of the way across the screen]. The white vertical dashes on the side scan are Stripers. 

 This pic was taken the same day a few minutes after the first one and it shows us pulling a couple of downlines through a few Stripers. The baits are the horizontal lines on the sonar page. You can see on my chart that I had laid out a waypoint and was working around it.

 Later on that day the fish had moved up onto shallower flats. We are working a flat in 27 feet of water here with downlines and 3 of our baits hooked up. You can see us fighting the fish on the right side of the screen.

 This pic was taken this week. I took my grandson and his friend out for a couple of hours in the afternoon. These fish were extremely active, we were catching them on boards and downlines at the same time. We caught 18 Stripers in a little over an hour of fishing. The pic below was taken just a few seconds after this one.

In this pic we still are pulling downlines and boards. The light light blue horizontal line at 17 feet is our sinker and the yellowish line is the bait swimming above the sinker. If you look out to the left on the side scan 40 to 60 feet you can see 6 or 8 Stripers with shadows behind them. I was pulling 5 boards off of each side and our 3rd, 4th and 5th board on the left side of the boat hooked up presumably with some of these Stripers. After boating the fish I went back in my history and waypointed the spot, turned the boat around and went to it. We finished out there hooking up with nicer fish.

The water temps this year are warmer than usual and the weather forecast predicts warm weather for at least the next week. Stripers are very active now and will be feeding all over the lake. Look for the upper rivers to be very productive. The stained water and shallow flats will warm in the afternoons and the Stripers should feed heavily up there. Jump fisherman will also have fun mid lake chasing the birds. The bottom three pics were taken this Sunday afternoon. I don't know if it was more fun watching the boys catching Stripers or watching 7 boats running from bird to bird. They would see a bird dive and fire up there motors and run right into where the birds were diving. They would make 8 or 10 casts then do it again and again. I hope they caught some fish but we did not see them catch any. They were competing against themselves to get as close to the birds as they could spooking the fish. A better approach would be to stop at least 100 yards from diving birds and use the trolling motors to silently sneak up on the fish. Everyone would have greater success being stealthy and probably have more fun. December fishing should be great this year. Get out and "get you some".

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Simrad Screen Shots

 These are a couple of schools of Threadfin shad. The left screen is traditional sonar and the right screen is downscan. With downscan you can actually distinguish each individual piece of bait.
 This is a school of Stripers we worked a couple of days ago. They were scattered for about 2 acres and we could not get bit. I put downlines and pulled boards over them with 0 results. We worked them for 45 minutes then I had to leave them and try something else.

 This is a couple of Stripers around some bait. Whenever we saw this we would hook up. The feeding fish on this day were scattered keying on bait. It pays to be versatile when Striper fishing. Always pay attention  to what puts fish in the boat. Earlier in the morning we were all over Stripers without taking hits. When I saw this we would have multiple hookups. This kind of screen is what we worked the rest of the morning and put 50 Stripers in the boat.

Here again the screen looks almost void of fish but we were hooked up at the time I popped this pic. Notice the large vertical white dash on the right side of side scan with a shadow behind it. That was a nice one that we did not catch.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A 50 fish morning.

Cloudy and Warm, Water Temperature 62* and Clear
Today I took Brian, Walt and Scott out fishing. Walt has just purchased a new boat and wanted to learn how to Striper fish on the lake. He wanted to go with me not only to see what I do but to make sure he gets the right tools of the trade. Today 's priority was learning not catching. After catching bait I showed him how to locate fish so we set up on some. The screen looked beautiful so we set up downlines and boards and worked the fish for 45 minutes without a strike. We made a short move and I saw some more fish so we set up on them. That's when the action started. We popped fish after fish and boated about 20. After working them we went uplake and pulled some shallow water with boards. With an hour left in the morning I took them downlake to show them how to locate some deep fish. We set up on them and went through 50 baits catching 30 more Stripers. Brian is holding the stringer of fish. A dozen times today he would set a bait out , turn around and within 6 or 8 seconds it would hook up. Shortly after I realized this I had him bless all of the other rods and that is why we caught so many fish today. That's my story and I am sticking to it. We had many double hook ups and a few triples as well. I think they are hooked on Striper fishing Lake Anna. Just made some new friends today.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Opening Day


Michael and Anthony

Yesterday was opening day for gun season in Va. and I was able to take my hunting buddy [grandson] out for a morning hunt. We only had a few hours to hunt because he wanted to go to Anthony's birthday party at noon. At 7:45 a spike and this deer came 30 yards downwind from us and stopped. Michael had his gun up and focused on this deer although it was behind a brush pile. 45 seconds later the deer turned around and headed back the way it came in and Michael blasted him. This deer is headed to Deer Springs Taxidermy for another great mount. I thank God for the precious time Michael and I get to share in the great outdoors. Hunting and Fishing...American traditions we need to preserve. Take a kid hunting or fishing, the memories will last a lifetime.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Chuck and Ron

Tony took these two happy fisherman out for a great morning of Striper fishing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ross and Seth

Tony took his clients Ross and Seth out today in the rain and put them on some Stripers.