Friday, December 02, 2016

Stripers are Rockin!

 Bill and Steve

Dennis, Cole and David

With water temps ranging in the low 50's up lake to 60* at the dam the all the Stripers want to do now is fatten up. Time to get out and fill the freezer and have fun doing it.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Lake Anna Citation Striper

This is a video Scott Haun taped of George reeling in
 a Citation Striper on October 5th

Friday, October 07, 2016

A few nice Stripers

Mike, Jim and Ray

Cloudy and cool, Water Temperature 72*
Although it was a slow day on the water today 
we managed to scrape up a few nice Stripers.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Back on the Water

George with a 37 inch 18 pound Striper

I take a break every September from being on the water to catch up with projects around the farm. Many of my clients have emailed me to see if I was OK because I had not posted any pics in September, thank you for your concerns, all is well. I got back out Monday taking Paul Mader and friends out fishing a half day but had to start at 10am due to some timing issues with them. I had warned them that the better bites were early and latter in the day but if midday was the only time we could go we probably would not catch a bunch of fish but we could maybe target some larger fish to make up for the midday blues. I looked for about an hour trying to locate some schools but all the fish I found were in 30 feet of water spread out over 100 acres hugging the bottom. When I see this it normally it tough to get bit. I finally set up over some larger arches and put baits in their faces with downlines. We popped 4 or 5 Stripers before we hooked into this pig. The fish had messed with the bait for about 75 yards but would not engage it. George stood at the rod for 6 or 8 minutes then all of a sudden the drag started screaming. It pulled off about 50 yards of drag and George dig great fighting the fish. When it finally came to the surface we knew we had a nice one and I netted it. I knew we could not release the fish because it was hooked deep and was bleeding profusely. I measured the fish and saw it was a Citation so we got all of our rods in and and took it to the marina for George to make it official. Lake Anna welcomed me back with a beautiful day with old friends and the largest fish George had ever caught. Great way to start the fall fishing season!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Simrad Screen Shots

 These screen shots can be clicked on to enlarge.

Deceiving screen shot. 
This shot shows 4 or 5 fish on the sonar 5 to 10 foot deep. They appear to be nice fish due to their color but in fact they are only 12 to 14 inch fish. The reason is they are so close to the transducer and the reflection of the pings is so much stronger at that short distance. The fish at 25 feet are 3 pound Stripers. They appear larger due to the length of the arch but notice the boat is almost still, I am only going a half mile an hour. If they were nicer fish they would also have more color in the center of them. To associate them with the side scan, the A's are the same fish and the B's are the same fish. When you look at side scan the boat is at the top of the side scan screen at the 0 mark. Everything below it is history. On sonar the boat is at 0 and everything to the left of it is history. Presuming I was going .5mph when I popped the picture the B fish are about 30 feet behind the boat. On side scan the darker blue is the water column and at 36.9 feet out either side it picks up the bottom then the beam shoots out to the sides of the boat 120 feet similar to a flood light. I am posting this pic to demonstrate how when using side scan you can see that the B fish are about 5 to 10 [deep] feet from the boat and the A fish are 25 feet [deep] from the boat in the side scan portion of the screen shot.

 In this shot I was running about 25mph when I ran over this hump and notice numerous fish relating to it. I slowed down [you can see the surface clutter on the right side of the sonar page near the surface which is my boat coming off plane] to turn back around and work the fish. When traveling 25mph structure scan still works but does not show single fish at that speed. I use my sonar page primarily to locate fish at higher speeds then once I locate them I use both to get back on them and to determine their size.

In this shot I am marking keeper Stripers between 20 and 25 feet deep clearly on my sonar screen. The fish show up on my side scan as lighter vertical dashes. These are feeding Stripers. They are streaking in the sonar shot [swimming up and down] and wiggly on the side scan view. Notice on side scan some fish are larger than others and on the right side you can actually see the shadows of the fish which indicate larger fish. Side Scan is like shining a flood light out to the sides of the boat, the objects appear lighter and the shadows are behind them. The larger the shadow the bigger the object. If I were looking at structure on the bottom of the lake, I would see the structure clearly and could estimate how high the structure came off the bottom by the size of the shadow behind it.

Although these are screen shots taken off of my Simrad, Lowrance shots are similar. I post these shots to help my clients understand what they are looking at when they are on the water to help them locate and catch fish more proficiently.

Friday, August 19, 2016

A Great Morning on Lake Anna

 When you find this

 You should end up with this!
Sunny, Mikki, Taz and Will

 Mikki and her big one

Will with a nice Bass

Sunny and Warm, water Temperature 88*
This morning I put 200 Herring in the tank, picked my clients up and taught them how to deploy the baits. I then located a school of Stripers and set down on them. As I was baiting everyone the Stripers started blowing up around me and anxiety to say the least hit an all time high. They could only get a couple baits down before someone would screw things up but eventually after cutting 7 lines apart that got tangled the fish started hitting the deck. For 45 minutes it was constant action and by 7:30 we had 17 Stripers in the box. After the rush was over I looked, and looked and looked for other schools with no success. Finally I just set up on some structure and Mikki popped her nice Striper and we caught a few nice Bass. This morning the fishing was intense to say the least but the crew got it together and pulled it off. They thought they were going to have a leisurely morning sitting around reeling in a fish here and there....NOT.