Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Another great morning

 Robert, Ralph, Ron and Doug

Rob, Mike and Oliver
Tony's clients yesterday

Dick and Breeze

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 82* and clear
Today I picked my crew up and went looking for Stripers. It didn't take too long before I found a smaller school which was good to set up on. We hit it and popped a couple keepers before loosing it. We got back on the motor and found some more, and more, and more. Today was just a half day charter and that's all wen needed to catch some nice limits. Not only did Ron catch a bunch of fish today he also learned how to use his new Simrad.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another good morning of Catching

Jake, Jamie, Jeff and Jimmy

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 81* and Clear
I picked my crew up at 5:30 then looked for a school of Stripers for an hour. All Tony and I were seeing were a fish here or there, no groups and no pattern. After burning a 1/4 tank of gas I found what we were looking for and we set up on them. A minute later the guys had no clue what had just hit them. They had only gotten 8 lines out and every one hooked up. Lines were crossed, fish were laying on the deck, drags were screaming and I was enjoying it all. While I was waiting for them to get lines ready to re-bait  I called Tony into the action. We worked on the school for about 20 minutes before we lost them. When I say we lost them, I mean we looked for 30 minutes and they were nowhere to be found. We ended up leaving that area and going back to the marina to refuel. I found some more fish around the marina and we worked on them for awhile then I later located fish hanging on the edge of the channel where we worked till we limited out. This morning was another successful outing with great results. If you want to see your face in one of these pictures, we can definitely Hook You Up!

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Good Morning on the Water

Mike, Laura, Joe and Dan

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 80* and Clear
Today was another fun morning on the water catching Stripers. Mike and his family are down visiting the lake and were able to get out and catch enough Stripers to feed all of his group for the rest of the week.

Don put Vanessa, Donna and Bubba on these nice stripers this morning.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekend Catches

 DP put Rodney and Tyler on these fish this morning


 Phil, Bubba and Mr. Carter

 Jack, Evan and Carter

Kenny and Curtis

Friday, June 24, 2016

Father and Sons

Scott, Stuart and Wes

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 80* and clear
Today Stuart got on the boat and said 'Its going to be an easy day for you today, there is only going to be 3 of us". I informed them that there was going to be nothing easy about today. The way the fish have been biting we need to have a minimum of 4 anglers on the boat just to keep up with the action. I told them they are going to work there butts off trying to keep up with the fish. We set up over a couple of fish so they could get their act together then I put them on a big school. They realized real quick what I was referring to earlier. We took 15 hits in about 3 minutes and after they confused everything in the boat we had to take a quick break and review how to do everything again. Each time they deployed lines and reeled in fish they got better and better. It eventually got to the point where I would locate a school of fish and within a minute they could get 8 rods in the water before they would hook up. When they go again they will be dialed in and ready for action. This morning we caught over 50 Stripers and they got to take home plenty of fish for the freezers.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fishing In The Rain

Walker, Mutt, Lester, Alvin, Melvin and Shawn

Cloudy, Stormy and Rainy, Water temperature 80* and Clear
Today was an interesting day, Tony and I got out at 3 and caught bait for our clients then went back to the dock to pick them up. Tony's group showed up but my group never showed or called. Anyway, its their loss. Tony took these seasoned veterans out and put a hurt on the fish today. 
Fishing is just getting better, contact us and reserve a trip today!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Full Moon Curse

 Emily, Sunny, Tammy and Linda

Mark, Sandy and Carmine

Sunny and warm, Water Temperature 81
Today we suffered a bit this morning due to the full moon. Keepers didn't start eating till about 10 but we managed to catch some nice fish. Between both boats we caught about 80 Stripers and 30 Catfish.