Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

Tony, Mack, Mutt, Shawn and Melvin

How is this catch for a Memorial Day weekend?
Tony took his friends out this morning and turned 
them on to a great start to the weekend.
Good job especially for a busy weekend.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer is here!

Nathan, Junior, Sam and Tony

Tony took these guys out yesterday and put them on a limit 
of nice Stripers. Soon the downline bite will kick in and we
will enjoy catches of 50 to 200 fish per morning.
Come on out and get you some!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Recent Catches



 Bubba, Tod and Hunter
Lee and Don

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Couple of nice catches

 DP put Rodney on some nice ones this morning

Tony turned on these happy fisherman to a nice catch

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Click on image to enlarge
I am constantly amassed with the performance of Navico products. This screenshot was taken off my Simrad on my console yesterday seconds after every rod hooked up in the boat. Check out the clarity of this unit! I am using broadband here but still you can count each and every fish on the echo screen and side scan screen as well. This technology leaves nothing for the imagination...heck I can even tell what sex each Striper is. Well not really, I don't know how to sex a Striper until they hit the boat and turn the floor white. You can see I had just entered the school but my screen just kept filling up with Stripers. I was torn between rebaiting hooks or popping screen shots but with clients on board I opted to rebait. We were over this school for a few minutes and the school kept getting larger and larger. At one time on side scan fish filled the entire screen. I was on a 120 foot scale, that is 120 feet to the right and 120 feet to the left side of the boat, 240 feet of Stripers. I am sure if I had taken a moment to expand my range on my side scan I could have easily seen more fish. We were just too busy catching fish for me to play with the unit. Yesterday was the first day the Sun had been out which encouraged the fish to school so well. Don't go out tomorrow and expect to see this, the lake rose 5 inches while I was out today and the water temp dropped 4.5 degrees.

I am not sure what Simrad stands for but in my book it stands

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Simrad Pics

 Just got and installed my new 3D Structure Scan just in time for the deep summer bite. For the next few weeks while we are not reeling in Stripers I will be experimenting with 3D to see if it can help me in the type of fishing that I do. It will have to be good for me to replace my LSS2, I know everything I see on the old one.

 This is a pic from today where I had located Stripers running about 25 mph and I turned the boat around, put baits out [one of which is the horizontal line at 40 feet], and moved right into the school of Stripers. We had 8 rods out and within 30 seconds every one doubled over.
 Here is another shot of the action.

 In this pick we had already caught over 80 Stripers and were done for the day. Notice more fish on the right side of my side scan.

Same day 2 minutes earlier when we were in the thick of things.
The horizontal lines are baits that had been hit and were dead.
In the madness it is hard to keep up.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

East wind kind of day

 Herb, Vern, Blaine and Brian

DP and the ITAC Crew

Cloudy and Warm, Water temperature 68* and clear
First day in awhile with no rain....sweet. East wind....challenging. We started out the day with a bang, we caught about 30 fish in the first hour of daylight. About 7 a slight wind got up out of the East which caught my attention. I do not like fishing in an East wind. East wind is a wind that is pre-frontal usually right before a cold front hits. Stripers don't like much change. Four days of rain or four days of sun is OK but before a front when the barometer starts to drop Stripers tend to not be aggressive. We kept seeing the Stripers but instead of constant fish on like the first hour we were only taking hits every 5 minutes or so then as the day progressed it got worse. Don't take me wrong, catching 85 Stripers today was great but the decent Stripers don't feed well and they let the punks eat in adverse conditions. DP had a similar experience and his catch ratio declined as the morning wore on. All is good though, everyone caught plenty of fish, everyone had plenty of laughs and everyone did not have to work today. DP's crew caught 35 this morning.