Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ron Spears and Guests

Cloudy and Warm, Water temperature 85* and Clear
Guides Tony and DP had clients today [DP could not take a picture due to pouring rain] and here is a picture of Tony's clients catch. They had a great day today despite the weather, his clients caught upward of 80 Stripers with over 200 strikes. Our Guides are putting our clients on incredible catches this summer and this kind of action should continue for many weeks to come. This kind of action is incredible, we would like to see you in one of our pictures this summer. Contact us and book a trip to have a memory of a lifetime!

Saturday, June 29, 2013


 Faith, Karen, Olivia, Scott and Mike
Tony's clients

 Brian and Doug
Anthony's Clients
 Scott and Karen's Fish
Brian, Denny, Delmiss, Terry, Roger, and Keith

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 85* and Clear.
Tony, Anthony and myself had clients today. It being a weekend did not help with fishing or even trying to stand up in the boat. Needless to say by the pictures we overcame our challenges today and put our clients on some nice Stripers. If anyone wants to get out this week or over the holiday and catch Stripers give us a call or contact us with an

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brad Price and Guests

 Chris, Kenny, Kaci, Stephanie, Brad
Brad holding Kaci's Striper

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 85* and clear.
I picked my crew up at 5:30 and went looking for schools of Stripers. I saw plenty of broke up fish but only a couple of decent schools of fish. When we would get on a school and start catching them they would move off extremely fast. We used up the 125 baits that I caught by 9 so I went and made 2 throws and caught 150 more. We fished a couple more areas and went through every bait in both tanks. Naturally Kaci caught the most and largest fish of the day. Brad has been bringing her fishing since she was knee high, fishing in below freezing weather and rain. She loves to fish and is as good at fishing as she is pretty. You will be seeing her on my journal again.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stripers Anyone?

 Ron, Newton, Tom and Steve
 Bubba and Alec
 Larry and Billy

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 85* and Clear
Today Tony and I got out early, caught bait and went fishing. Tony took his clients one way and I went the other. Although the weather was hot it did not compare to how hot the Striper fishing is. The top picture is of my clients catch. The third picture is of Tony's clients this morning. The second picture is a picture of his son Alec and Bubba. Fishing was so good early this morning after dropping of his first set of clients Tony got his son and Bubba and went back out and Spanked the Stripers. We have plenty of openings for charters, give us a call or email us and we will Hook You Up!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Toni and Anthony

DP took his wife Tony and his son out this afternoon for a couple hours of fishing on the lake and caught 2 citation Bass which both hooked up at the same moment. Toni's is over 25 inches and Anthony's is 22 1/2 inches. Both were released immediately. They fished for a couple more hours having fun with the Stripers. I guess all you Bass fisherman will be trying to figure out where they caught these nice Bass by the picture. A hint.....they came out of 24 feet of water!  Caught on Herring.......

Lane Technology

 Donnie, Rob, Joey, Blaine and Carl

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 84* and Clear.
I picked the guys up at High Point this morning after catching bait. I found a couple of fish on my Lowrance so we set up on them. An hour later the screen looked like the picture below filled with fish.
 We started off slow taking hits about once a minute but once the school formed a little better we had constant action. We worked the school till we had gone through all of our baits. The guys had a big fish bet going today and Donnie took home the money with the nice Striper that he is holding up in the picture. We got off the water early this morning and brought home not only a super stringer of Stripers but also a lot of great memories. It is hard to beat fishing for Stripers and catching 15 to 20 an hour. Lake Anna is just getting cranked up and the fishing is only going to get better. Contact us and get in on some of this incredible action!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Deno, Kerri and Al

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 83* and clear.
I caught bait early this morning then picked my crew up at their dock at 5:30. We looked for some fish for a little while then we set up on a couple just to familiarized with putting the baits out properly. After I felt confident they understood how to do it we went looking for schools. I found what I wanted to see so we set up on a small school. We started taking hits with the first bait that we got down. Birthday boy Deno popped the first couple of Stripers then his daughter Kerri got in the action. The action slowed up after about 15 minutes of constant action. We reeled our lines in and relocated the school. We had no mercy on them this time as everyone did an excellent job putting the baits out properly and reeling in fish. A couple of these fish had their way with Kerri today as they pulled her around the boat. This was Al's first time Striper fishing and he handled himself like a pro. Before we knew it we had caught our limit. They took home 16 Stripers and a Walleye. Deno has been out with me numerous times and loves the downline bite. His daughter Kerri and Al gave him this trip for his Birthday present. Probably the best present he could ever get, catching Stripers on his daughter.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Anthony and Brian

      Guide DP took these guys out this morning and this is his rendition of the events of the morning.
We left high point at 4 am in search of bait. By day light we had caught 2 pieces of bait. We went searching for schools of bait but the cloud and fog cover would not let the sun peek through long enough for the bait to gang up. At 730 we had 7 pieces of bait, I wanted to try something so we put out 3 lines baited with really large baits that we had. We made about a hundred yard pull and caught a catfish and a keeper striper. We threw them both back and headed to the marina.  We hung around the marina for 15 minutes or so and while Anthony was grabbing his trolling rigs, Brian said to me "man this morning has really been tough". I could see the disappointment in his face so I was hoping to change that very quickly.  Well, my boat does not like to go slow and after trying to troll at 4.5 mph we got the rigs in and went searching for bait.  We searched for a while and finally found what we were looking for. Anthony was throwing from the front of the boat and I was throwing from the back.  One of my throws hit the middle of the school and that was all that we needed.  As my net was falling another boat that we had seen earlier in the morning (struggling for bait as well) drove by and asked if we had had any luck. Well once we saw that I had landed about 100 baits, Anthony said let's try to stay with this school and help that guy out with some bait. After a couple more throws from Anthony he said let's go give him what extra we have and get out of here. So that's what we did.  We had never seen this gentleman before but we knew that he had struggled like we had and we just wanted to help him out a bit. He really appreciated our generosity towards him, we chatted for a minute and then we parted ways. By now its 9:15 and we search and search for a school of fish. We stopped and looked at a few schools but it was not what we were looking for. Now its 9:45 and knowing that Anthony needed to leave at 10:30 I headed towards a place where I had seen several fish earlier in the morning.  I was a half a mile from where I wanted to go when I ran over what we had been looking for. I turned the boat around, shut off the big motor and starting putting out bait. I was really caught up in the action when Brian said "man, I have never caught my limit in 5 minutes before".  After he said that I looked in the live well and it was full. We took a minute from the action to count the fish and we had 10. So we went back into the school and popped 2 more really quick and had our limit.  Then we cleaned up the boat and emptied the bait tank ( which took about 10 minutes) when we sat down to leave my Lowrance was still full of fish.  This was the largest school of fish that I have been on this summer and they were mostly all keepers, we only had 2 fish that were under the 20" mark. Today's bait collection was tough but we never gave up, we hung in there and gave it our all and it really paid off. I hope the gentleman that we helped out with bait had a successful day as well.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dr. Jim Gardner and Guests

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 78* and Clear.
Today John and Brian took their dads fishing for Stripers. I picked them up at their dock then went and caught about 150 baits. We picked an area to fish where there weren't any boats and put out our baits. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to use up all of our baits. We had 15 keepers and the guys wanted to catch their limits so I went and caught some more bait then went to a different spot and put some baits in the water. In less that 10 minutes we filled our limits for a great day of fishing. Today we were quite busy trying to keep baits in the water. For an hour straight this morning we battled fish and could not keep up with the action. Jim and Brian have gone out with me several times but John and his Dad weren't expecting this kind of action out of a lake. Needless to say everyone will have plenty of delicious Striper for awhile.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kyle, Brady, Janeile, Hanna, Steve and Levi


Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 80* and Clear
I caught bait early then picked my crew up at their dock at 5:30 this morning. We did a mock set up to explain how to put the baits at the correct depth, caught a couple fish then went looking for schools. We looked around a little and set up on a couple pods of fish catching a few each set up. After some of the other boats moved on I set up in an area where I knew where we could have some fun. We were all set when I hit this particular spot and the action got crazy. For about an hour and a half we constantly caught fish. We fished there till 8:30 then had to leave, we had used up 130 baits. We fished till the last bait caught a fish. We then took off to search for more bait. After about an hour we had a couple full tanks of bait so we hit other areas with good success. We fished till the girls needed a break then went back out, caught bait and found even more Stripers. We worked them till we completely ran out of bait again. I have no clue how many fish we caught today but I do know we took over 225 strikes! Janeile is pictured holding the last fish of the day that she caught and Brady is holding his big fish of the day. We all had a whole lot of fun and action and there is plenty of food for dinner the rest of their vacation. This will certainly be a trip everyone will have fond memories of.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stripers, Stripers, Stripers

 School of Stripers
 School of feeding Stripers. Fish are streaking.
 School of Stripers next to a school of bait.
Left screen shows the Stripers on the left [arches] with the bait to the right of them.
Structure scan clearly shows the difference in the fish [larger lines]and the bait they are about to feed on.
These Stripers were not aggressively feeding in this pic but 10 minutes later they attacked the school of bait then we had our way with them.
A Whole lot of fun

This kind of action is what we are enjoying on the lake now and for the next month.
Book a trip soon to get in on some great Striper fishing!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Harry, Cora, Lizzy and Jared

Tony had a morning trip today and took these folks out for a fun morning of fishing on Lake Anna. Not only did they end up with a lot of fun memories they have plenty of wonderful table fare.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Tony, Jim, Zeek, Bob and Daniel

Cloudy, heavy rain, Water temperature 80* and Clear.
I got out on the water at 3 this morning to catch bait. I was worried that the weather would mess the bait catching process up like it usually does when it rains so hard. Well by 5:15 I had thrown 50 times for 6 baits. I went and picked my clients up at High Point then went out searching for bait. After burning a half a tank of gas I finally caught bait at 9 o'clock. I drove to an area that I knew had been holding some nice fish and we put the baits out, or attempted to. We started taking hits immediately and for 2 hours straight we had constant action. I could not keep up with baiting much less counting the fish we caught. Here are a few of the fish we caught this morning. It rained so hard I thought it might ruin the guys day but I warned them last night that the weather would not be good but they insisted on going. Believe it or not once we got on the fish they did not care at all about the rain. It ended up being a fun day with plenty of fish to take home.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

A couple of Heavy Stringers


Cloudy and Cool, Water Temperature 80* and Clear.
Today we had two charters, Tony took Bubba out and I took Paul. We both caught bait way before daylight and filled our tanks up. They thought fighting the fish was hard, they had forgotten they had to hold the fish up for a picture by themselves.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Harold, Unju, Sean and Mijoo

Guide DP took these Guys and Gals out for a memorable fishing trip on Lake Anna today. When they had live bait the action was great. They caught 50 Stripers today and took home plenty of wonderful tasting meals.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Too Much Action

 Rob and Conner Cross

 This is a school of fish up on a shallow flat that I found while looking for bait early in the morning.
 We are over some nice Stripers and my side scan is showing me that there are more on the right side of the boat. I simply turned my boat to the right and all the rods bowed over.
 This is a picture I took this morning of a School of Stripers after we had caught 12 to 15 fish. As you can see not only on the sonar but also on my side scan that I was in the middle of a major school of Stripers. Notice the larger fish were at 26 to 30 feet. We had our baits set at 28 feet and were catching the nicer fish.
This is a picture that I took 30 minutes later than the above picture. We were still in the school of Stripers and wearing them out. I would have loved to got pics when we were really on the fish but I was kept quite busy.

Rain, Rain and rain. Water Temperature 79* and Clear.
I got out very early this morning to catch bait. It was raining so hard that the bait would not come to the lights. I struggled to catch 150 baits after hanging lights in 3 different places. I picked the guys up at 5:30 and showed them how to deploy the line to put the baits in the Stripers faces. Once they set out a couple of baits properly I knew they were ready so I had them bring the baits in and I went looking for a school. I ran over a school of Stripers as big as the UVA campus. [Rob is a professor in the management department at McIntire School of Commerce.] I set the boat down and we attempted to get out baits out. We would no sooner engage the reel and a Striper would hit the bait. It was total madness, excitement, joy and fun for a whole hour. In fact, we could not get but 3 or 4 baits out for over 50 minutes without getting hooked up. Conner was having sooo much fun he looked like a chicken with his head cut off running around the boat. He wouldn't even get the reel engaged before a Striper would try to take the rod from him.We worked the school till we ran out of baits, at 7:15. It is amassing what a boy [and a adult] can learn in an hour. They went from catching 30% of the fish that hit to boating almost every one. I kept hearing Rob talking to himself saying "This is incredible, this is incredible....." There was no way I could keep track of how  many fish we actually caught but I do know it was way too much action for two anglers. If you come fishing with us in June and July you better have at least 4 anglers on board or you will certainly regret not taking my advice. My thumb is still bleeding from taking fish off of Conner's hooks.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

A Whole lot of Stripers

Dp's clients Tim, Ryan and Steve

Tony's Clients Corey, Janet and Ron

Today Guides DP and Tony had charters so they both got out on the water very early to catch bait. Today was not only a fun day on the water but a great fishing day as you can see by the smiles on their clients faces and the large stringers of fish. This morning our clients caught over 100 Stripers. That is a lot of work for the guides and they certainly earned their tips today. Looks like the summer Striper bite is on!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Richie and Guy

Guide DP took Guy and Richie out today. Here is his rendition of the day.
"Picked the guys up at 5:30, went to look for fish. After a short drive we found a few to set up on. We set up on 4 different small pods of fish today and would catch a dozen on each set up.  This was a half day trip and at 9:15 the guys said that they wanted about 4 fish to take home to the wives, I looked in the live well and there were 8 in there already, oops! We had a dozen baits left so we set up on one more school. The first 3 fish were some of the best fish of the day and they swallowed the hooks. They would not have survived if we had released them. By then we had gone through 105 baits and boated nearly 50 stripers, allowing us to get off of the water before the lake got crowded."