Friday, March 30, 2007

Eddie Lowe, Steve Baker and David Lacey

March 30, 2007: Sunny and Cold in the morning, Water Temp 58* and clear.
Picked clients up and caught bait. Set up my spread to work some main lake points running 10 boards, a bobber and a down line. Got a few hits on boards in 8 feet of water and had to move out to 20' flats to get bit. We put 5 fish in the boat then went and caught more bait . I set up over some main lake flats and points and pulled my spread for 2 hours in the midday sun with no success. I finally found some fish in 25 foot of water and started nailing them. We had 9 hits in 15 minutes! Today we had 27 hits, Clients kept 12 Stripers and 2 of them were over 12 pounds. Eddie decided to let the big fish of the day live to fight again.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Andy, Jeff and Senior

March 29, 2007: Sunny and cold, water temp 57*.
With a major cold front blowing through last night I knew fishing would be tough today. We started out pulling the same areas that I caught fish on the previous days but all we could do is get short strikes. I pulled up onto one point and had 6 hits in 10 yards, only one of the fish hooking up. We tried several other areas today with the same luck. Clients ended up catching 4 Stripers, 2 Cats, a Bass and a White Perch.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kevin Eller, David Doss, Wayne Gayner and Charlie Able

March 28, 2007: Sunny and warm, Water temp 58* and Clear.
Caught bait early , picked clients up and set up my spread on a flat. I no sooner engaged the last reel when one went off. We had steady action for two hours then an East wind picked up and the fishing slowed down. I changed locations and fished shallower and started getting hits again . We had a great morning of fishing with 34 Strikes, keeping 13 very nice Stripers. Charlie felt sorry for a couple hogs and let them go to fight another day. Wayne, our prayers are with you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Callie and Marty Robinson

March 27, 2007: Sunny and Hot, Water temp 58* and Stained.
Got a little later start this morning, clients were running late a I had a flat on my trailer. Started at 7:30 and set up on a flat, putting out 10 boards and a bobber. Took 5 minutes to get hit but once we did it was madness for 2 hours until we ran out of bait. Went and caught bait and set up on another flat and enjoyed the rest of this 82* day. Today we had 32 hits and kept 12 very nice Stripers. We left a couple of "teenagers" in the lake for my clients to catch on another day. Happy Birthday Callie!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tony Shephard

March 26, 2007:

Partly Cloudy and cool, Water temp 56* and Stained.

Caught bait before light and headed for a 10 foot flat to start . Set out boards and free lines and made a pull for 400 yards without a hit so we got the baits in and relocated to a 15 ' flat and set up. We started hooking up just as I got the last line out and for the next hour and a half I couldn't keep up with the action. After 20 to 25 Fast strikes we pulled our baits up and left the feeding fish. My client today is a experienced Striper fisherman new to the lake and he decided he wanted to learn the lake so all we did the rest of the day was cruise and I explained the seasonal patterns of the lake for Stripers and Baitfish. We caught 12 fish in a couple of hours and kept 8.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kyle, Johnny and John

March 24, 2007: Cloudy and warm, Water temp 55* and stained.
Got on the water at 4 this morning to collect bait and picked my clients up at 6:30am. Went a short distance and put out my spread of 10 planner boards and a bobber running the baits on points in about 10 foot of water. The first point we hit we put a 10 pounder in the boat for a good start of the day. As the sun rose so did the sounds of outboard motors and the breezes of an East wind. I had warned my clients weeks before that Saturdays are not the ideal time to fish Lake Anna in the spring. A very warm weekend day coupled with Bass tournaments were two strikes against us, but the East wind could really put a curse on the day. We continued to fish the area and got a couple more hits but the fish were only hitting the baits in the tail. I decided to move to a main lake flat where the water was clearer. We got 5 hits on the first pass before a troller almost ran over us. Along with a dozen other boats running over the flat the fish turned off. We moved to another flat and got numerous bites but after 30 minutes of fishing the combination of Jet Skies running through our spread and bass boaters running over us we had to move to a bay where we could just simply put out lines without being disturbed. Anyway, we had 17 Strikes today, catching only 5 Stripers and a Catfish.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Paul Henon, George Hussey and George Barboza

March 23, 2007: Sunny and warm, Water temp rising to 52* and stained. Caught bait early and started fishing points midlake. We caught a few punks and before we knew it boats were everywhere. Boat motors turned the fish off where we were fishing so I went to the other side of the lake and set up in a quite bay. We made one pass and put a fish in the boat so we circled around and worked this bay for the rest of the day. The fish never got going well because everytime we caught a fish other boats or guides would see us and spook the fish. We gave it our best shot and ended up catching 12 Stripers, clients keeping 7, largest 11.4 pounds.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Richard Reberge

March 21, 2007:

Cloudy and Cold, Water Temp 49* and Stained.

Got out early and caught Herring and met Richard at the dock at 6:30. Set up over 22' of water with 10 Boards and a Bobber pulling deeper flats and points since the cold front hit so hard last night. Before I got all the boards out we started getting hit. In the first hour we had over a dozen strikes then it slowed down some when the east wind starting blowing. We tried some shallow areas and put some baits up on the bank but the fish were hurt from the cold front and only hit over deeper water. We fish several different areas today but it seemed everywhere we fished we would get hit but never numerous strikes in any one area. We had 25 hits today and caught 14 Stripers, keeping 8 fish to take home . Once the lake warms just a little fishing is going to break loose.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Doug and Matt Rothell

March 15, 2007: Party cloudy and windy, Water temp 54* and clear.
Got on the water a 4am this morning to catch Herring and picked clients up at the dock at o dark 30. With today being pre-frontal of this big storm and knowing the temps were going to crash I set up in an area nearby where I caught fish yesterday but was deeper by 6 to 8 feet. Set out boards and pulled up to the first primary point and had two hits, turned back and went over the same point with no hits. I made 4 passes on the point and caught fish only pulling into the wind, not with the wind. Hit some other flats nearby but the fish only wanted to feed today on points. After 10 am the fish turned off just like the previous two days. After fishing hard in the wind we ended up getting 16 hits, clients keeping 9 Stripers, a Cat and a Crappie.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doug Reynolds and Mike Mccay

March 14, 2007: Sunny and warm, Water Temp 52* and Clear
Caught bait early and picked clients up before 7 . Went to where I fished yesterday and had so many strikes and set out my spread of 10 boards and a Bobber. Went a couple hundred yards without a strike and knew the fish had moved or were turned off. We hit a point and had 4 hits but only put one in the boat and the fish were only hitting the bait in the tail. We moved over to a bank where the wind had been blowing onto for 2 days and I put the baits right up on the bank and started catching fish. Only the boards that were nearest the bank would get hit. We had 23 Strikes before the fish turned off, due to all the boat traffic. Must have been 20 boats go by. Anyway, the wind picked up at noon and the fish would not feed anymore. We ended up the morning with 11 Stripers and 3 Catfish.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jeff Carter. Bruce Carter, Anthony Abele, and Stan Bateman

Tuesday, March 13, 2007 :

Sunny and warm,Water Temp. 50 and Clear

Picked clients up a 7am at HighPoint and ran to a 10'flat and put out 10 Planner Boards and a Bobber. We put out both Gizzards and Herring and before I could get all of them out the fish started nailing the baits. Our first fish was a nice Striper but it got caught up in another line and broke off right at the boat. Before I could bait up other boards started going off and in the first hour we had 11 hits. We had a couple of small fronts blow through today and the fish would feed prior to the fronts for a few minutes then shut down. We continued to work 10 foot flats all day and ended up getting 26 hits. One client today had trouble with touching the line every time he picked up the rod when a fish was on and lost at least 5 nice Stripers himself [Bruce, I won't mention your name]. Anyway, they all had fun and caught 16 Stripers and a Catfish. This was one of the first days the wind did not howl all day and allowed us to fish where we wanted to.