Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Recent Catches

 Guide DP took his son Anthony out for some "catching" on Sunday. After they 
caught bait they found a school and limited out within an hour.
Yea, Anthony was stoked!

Cameron, Mac, Ben, Christian, and Alex
Guide Tony took these happy fishermen out on Saturday 
and put them on some nice Stripers. Although the weather 
was cold the fishing was Hot.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ray, Ray, D+D

 Ray, Doreen, Dana and Ray

Sunny, windy and Cool, Water temperature 64* 
We got over an inch of rain last night and when I got on the water this morning to catch bait waves were crashing over the dock. Oh Boy, I had a lot to look forward to today! As I drove to find a place to get out of the wind I noticed most of the fish and bait positioned right over the channel. That is not a good thing, when they are over the channel they are not feeding. I set up in a creek with intentions of pulling boards over flats and points. My feelings came true, the first 6 or 8 fish were Catfish. When the Stripers are not feeding we usually catch Catfish and Punks.  I knew it was going to be a challenge to put fish in the boat but we were having action with hopes of fishing getting better. Eventually we started popping Stripers but mostly punks. We hung in there and finally caught keepers. Ray and Dana are holding up two Stripers that were hooked up at the same time. We all ended up having a wonderful day on the water and my crew had some fish to take back for the freezer. Perseverance beat this Blue Bird rising barometer cold front day.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ron and Darrell

Cloudy and Windy, Water temperature 64* and Clear
Today the weather was changing yet again, high yesterday was around 80* and today the winds blew out of the East and air temps only got up to around 60* while we were out there. We got an early start and first pulled a shallow flat with boards. We caught 7 Stripers then traffic started to get up so I decided to make a move. These guys are down for the week so I took an hour to show them places to fish for Crappie as well as Stripers while they were here. By the time we were ready to fish again the wind was howling so I tried to set up in an area where I could somewhat control the boat in the wind and hopefully avoid boat traffic. The decision paid off and we were able to limit out by noon. I am still anxiously waiting for the weather to stabilize hoping for the Stripers to start a spawn so we can work on the larger Stripers that are in the lake. I am optimistic that in the upcoming weeks fishing will break loose and the lake will give up some of its 15 to 20 pound fish.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Busy Weekend

Phil, Jeff, Kevin and Jeff
Sunny and Warm, Water temperature 64* and clear
Today was a nice warm day on the lake and it brought out plenty of boaters with it. I decided to pull boards till I couldn't stand it and we had pretty good success up till about 9:30. By then 40 to 50 boats had blown by us and naturally put the fish down. We converted to downlines due to the traffic and continued to have good success. We had over 100 hits today, caught in excess of 30 Stripers and the guys took home 13.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A funday on the water

Jim, Steward, Jerry, Bud and Doug
Cloudy and cool, Water temperature 56* 
I have off the water for about two weeks now spending time with my grandson during spring break. It was good to get back out especially with regular clients [and friends]. We started out pulling boards and worked flats ranging from 5 to 25 feet deep. We took quite a few hits [at least 40] and caught a lot of fish but only managed 4 keepers. By noon I had covered every pattern I could hit using planner boards so I made a decision to do something completely different. On the way to pick the guys up this morning at their dock I had noticed a lot of Stripers 20 to 30 feet deep. I decided to spend the rest of the day working downlines. We looked for fish on the Simrad with little success so I decided to simply pick a piece of structure and work it thoroughly. The move actually paid off with another 40 to 50 hits. Although we still got punked we did manage to catch eight more keepers. I believe the unstable weather conditions were the reason for all the short hits and lack of big fish today. All the strikes did make for a fun day for my crew and kept them on their toes reeling in Stripers. Looks like the weather may straighten out next week and hopefully we can start working on Spawning Stripers.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

New Lake Anna Record Striper

Yesterday, April 1st, we took this lucky angler out down by the power plant and hooked him up with this nice Striper. The fish hit a 22 inch Gizzard Shad right next to the intake at the plant. After a 30 minute battle we finally landed him. Na, April Fools! The fish was caught in Arkansas by Mike Bennett. The Striper weighed 50.25 pounds. Great Fish, wish we had some here that size.

Ferguson Enterprises Vinnie Habib

Vinnie working out with a stringer of chunky Stripers

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 50*
After all the wind, rain and funky weather we have been having Anthony took his long time friend Vinnie out yesterday. Future weather doesn't look much better, 10 day forecast has rain 5 of the days and wind in excess of 20mph 4 of the days. The guys enjoyed the spring day relaxing out on the boat and caught some nice chunky Stripers as well. Anyone looking for any Plumbing supplies, fixtures or appliances Vinnie is the best and certainly will hook you up! By the way Vinnie does wear shirts at work.