Sunday, September 22, 2019

Lake Anna Crappie

Ronnie and Kenny

Guides Don and Bubba are consistently putting clients on beautiful
Crappie. For some constant action and great eating contact:  540 967 3313

Monday, September 16, 2019

Lake Anna Fishing: Come on out and get you some!

 Donnie, Bryan and Doug
Don and Bubba

DJ sure had fun this morning reeling in the big ones!  540 967 3313

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Lake Anna Stripers and Crappie

Anyone want to catch some nice Stripers or tasty Crappie?
Contact:  540 967 3313

Monday, September 09, 2019

Lake Anna is still giving it up!

 Don took clients out yesterday and put the meat on the table.
He does afternoon charters for Crappie during the week and 
on the weekends does 1/2, 3/4 or full day charters for Stripers
or Crappie.

 Mark, Mark's Father and Austin

Doug and Greg  540 967 3313

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Using Side Scan to catch Stripers

 These screenshots are clickable, click to enlarge

 These screenshots show subtle nuances that can make a big difference in going fishing versus catching fish. This time of year on Lake Anna the Oxygen is poor and the baitfish population is off the charts which can make catching Stripers very difficult. I rely on my Simrad units to exactly locate fish and present my baits right in their faces to provoke a strike. Again this time of year Stripers are not aggressively feeding which makes them hard to catch. When I see tight schools of fish like these usually they are not feeding. Notice how compact the schools are under the boat and looking at side scan you can actually count each individual fish just to the left of the boat. I was moving about 5mph and by size of the fish on side scan I could tell these were smaller Stripers [small dashes with no shadows behind them]. 

 This is a pic taken a few seconds later showing another small tight school of fish off to right of the boat. I had increased my boat speed up to about 10 mph but I noticed shadows behind the fish telling me the fish were larger fish. With structure scan the faster you go the less defined the picture is. I maneuvered the boat 60 feet to the right and hooked up. Notice no fish on sonar but side scan picked them up. If I was not using side scan and only sonar I would have never seen these fish.

 This screen shot shows a nicer fish on sonar at 22 feet and off to the right side are a few scattered fish. I would rather see this than a tight balled up school, these Stripers are more likely to feed. Again I move my boat slightly to the right to provoke a strike. One fish under the boat vrs 8 or 10 to the right, no brainer!

 Now I had slowed down and saw a few fish under the boat on sonar but about 100 off to the left side of the boat. Side Scan again showed me where the majority of the school was enabling me to put my boat over the fish. These were punks as you can see by the small dashes on side scan. Also these are non feeding fish because they are so tight and no streaking is going on.

In this shot Sonar shows a few Stripers under a small school of bait at 25 feet. In the middle of the screen are a couple of nice fish but looking at side scan off to the right were more nicer fish [longer dashes and larger shadows]. We hooked up here and caught 25 inch Stripers. Side Scan is invaluable when hunting fish that are not aggressively feeding  and turn a dog day into a productive day. When the Stripers are feeding and you locate you boat over the fish hold on to your rods!

Next month Greentop Sporting Goods is having its Outdoor Expo.
Come join us at the Navico booth under the big top to see the latest
products but more importantly to visit us and ask us any questions you
may have about your Lowrance or Simrad units. We can show you the 
features and benefits these incredible depth finders pack into each unit 
and help you become a better fisherman. We can also help you upgrade 
your whole system or hook you up with one of the latest transducers. 
Inside will be the complete line of products Navico has to offer with Guru
Steve Lane there to assist you. Don't miss this event! 

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Wednesday Lake Anna Catches

 Ray and Dana

Tom and Capt. Dale

Clear and Warm, Water Temperature 86* and Clear

Today started out a little slow, we did not boat a fish for about 30 minutes but once I located them we did pretty good catching a fish about once every 10 minutes or so. Most of the fish today were punks but after four hours of fishing we had caught over 20 fish and had fun doing it. Ray and Dale also caught quite a few fish as well. To reserve a charter, Contact:  540 967 3313

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Labor Day Stripers on Lake Anna

 Tim, Chris, Scott, Michael, Brian and Phillip
The Motley Crew

Dale and Tom's fish

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.
These are some nice Stripers we caught this morning fishing beautiful
Lake Anna. If you would like to enjoy a morning catching Stripers
Contact:  540 967 3313

Monday, September 02, 2019

It's hard to have a Crappie day on Lake Anna!

Guides Don and Bubba continue to put clients on nice Crappie.
They are doing late afternoon charters during the week and half, 3/4 
and full day charters on the weekend for Crappie or Stripers. To get 
in on some of this action, contact  540 967 3313

Friday, August 23, 2019

Simrad: Locating and Catching Stripers

 I had located a school of Stripers this morning running about 20mph seeing them on my Simrad. After running through the school (about 500 yards) I had a good idea exactly where they were so I turned the boat, deployed our baits and went after them. This screenshot was taken while we were hooked up. Notice the school was off to my left on side scan 40 to over 100 feet. I only had a few under the boat and none to the right side of the boat. Also notice the boat is positioned over a flat nearby a ledge to my left. Naturally I steered left to put our baits closer to the school.

 This pic was taken only 30 seconds later as I was turning into the fish. You can see on side scan that I am getting closer to the school and more are showing up under the boat as well. Still no fish to the right of the boat.

 After working the school for 20 minutes they had gradually worked their way up over the ledge shallower on the break. Now the boat was in 34 feet and the fish were gradually going even shallower. No longer were they over the flat, they were moving up the break and started to explode on the surface.

 I eased the boat off to slightly deeper water so I would not spook and disperse the school and started catching the larger fish that were under the surface feeding punks. We were getting dialed in now with better quality fish.
We were now on the leading edge of the school where the larger fish were feeding. You can see on side scan the size of the fish were substantially larger. If you notice I tried to keep my boat positioned on the edge of the school so I would not spook and disturb the main body of the school. By doing this the fish continued to school, did not break apart being spooked by a boat running right over top of them allowing us to have our way with them  for another hour or so. These screenshots were only over a 30 minute time span but we got way too busy to take time to take more pics. Boat motors on this lake spook the schools into breaking up. Once boats run through the schools too often the fun is over for everyone. Use your electronics, use your head and catch more fish.
You may end up with a catch like this!  540 967 3313

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Lake Anna Stripers are Rockin!

 Here is a school of decent Stripers on my Simrad. I am over a few
but as you can clearly see off to my left up to a hundred feet are a 
school of solid Stripers. Each mark is an individual fish, and we saw
this for well over 500 yards. Naturally seeing all the fih to the left of
my boat I turned to the left and we waxed them. Trusting your
electronics is everything when fishing for Stripers wherever you fish. 
When you see this, put your baits in their faces [here 27 to 30 feet], 
all your rods ought to hook up. This time of year the fish are not
aggressively feeding but if you put it in their faces it is hard for them 
to resist. Spend time with your electronics, put your baits at the exact 
depth and reap the rewards. It is certainly more rewarding to locate
your own fish and catch them than seeing someone else catching them 
and encroaching on them. When you apply thee tactics your success 
rate will certainly improve.

Mark, Jewell, Ricky, JC and Warren  540 967 3313

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Lake Anna Crappie

 Sweet Meat

Come get you some!  540 967 3313

Monday, August 19, 2019

Lake Anna Fun

 Eleanor came all the way from Australia to kiss Lake Anna Striper

 Just kidding, spending quality time with Chase

Troy, Spartacus and Kaitlyn  540 967 3313

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Lake Anna Fishing, A Whole Lot of Fun!

Beautiful Lake Anna ... Beautiful Weather...Happy Clients  540 967 3313