Monday, April 25, 2016

Buddy and Charlie

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 67* and Clear
These two characters wanted to take a day off from Crappie fishing and try their luck at catching Stripers this morning so they met me at 4:30 to experience the whole process. After throwing the net 30 times they figured out catching bait wasn't so easy so we set out a spread of boards and pulled about 3 miles of water looking to catch some nice Stripers. They are holding up a couple of the fish they caught. Good Guys to spend a morning on the lake with.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturdays Catches

 Tony put Jed, Paul and John on some nice Stripers this morning.

Don took Bubba and Larry out this morning and got their lines stretched.

Going to be a good year for Stripers,
come on out and get you some.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Today's Catches

 DP and Corey

Tony's clients Tommy, Bob, Marty and Jim

Recent Catches

 Phil, Christian and Travis

 Chief and Lee

Shane and Joe

Monday, April 18, 2016

A couple of Tony's recent trips

 James, Drew, Ricky, Brady and Devin

Jeff and his Crew

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A beautiful day on the lake even if it was a Saturday

 Evan, David and Jeff

Evan with his largest fish ever! Over 36 inches and almost 19 pounds.

Sunny and Beautiful, Water Temperature 62* and Clear
A month ago Jeff called and said he just found me on the net and wanted to go see what this Striper fishing was all about. He said they had tried it with 0 success. We had a great conversation on the phone and he booked the first and third Saturdays in April. After spending a few hours on the boat on April 2nd I realized these guys were cool and we became friends. We slayed the fish that day so this morning I told them at 4:30am that we were going to try something a little different and target big fish. They were all in so we went and caught bait then went fishing. I started in a visible area since it was a Saturday and lured a lot of Striper fisherman in to the area. Once there was about 7 or 8 boats there we got our baits in and went elsewhere to have some fun. We took it easy and casually fished till we found what we wanted to then proceeded to work on um. We hooked up with 3 big fish all at once, turned around then hit them again. Boats were homing in on us so we left and went to refresh our bait tank. We came back and banged them again and that is when Evan hooked up with this nice Striper. In the two days we fished together we had so much fun with each other and made memories we will never forget. Good People, Good Weather, Good Fishing, Good Times....makes all my hard work worth it.    Got to Love the Outdoors.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Another day on the water

Jim, Linda and Carlos

Sunny and Nice, Water temperature 60*
Took the same people as yesterday out and put them on some nice ones today. Carlos is helping to hold the stringer because it was so heavy. As usual the big ones got away today. I expect the stringers will continue to look better with larger fish over the next few weeks. Can't wait to get back out to catch the big ones.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A slow morning

 Jim and Linda

Sunny and Cool, Water Temperature 62* and Clear
Today fishing was very slow and we had to work for every bite which wasn't many to put fish in the boat. We started off with 3 fish before I could get the boards out but after that we went an hour for 2 more fish. I ended up changing tactics we nailed a few more nicer fish. Tomorrow should be better.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Cold and Wind

Don took Tony and Janet out yesterday and showed them you can still catch Stripers when the temps plummet and the winds howl. That combination makes for a very uncomfortable morning on the water.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Navico Screen Shots

 Simrad Screen Shot of Stripers [arches] beneath balls of bait. I was using chirp at the time of this pic and notice the individual pieces of bait within the bait balls. Chirp is also clearly identifying each Striper very clearly.  Stripers were not feeding here as is evident of the lack of streaking arches.

 Another Simrad shot of a couple of Stripers [arches] on the left side of a couple balls of Herring.

 This is a Lowrance shot with a very busy screen. Notice in the history bar that I had been over this for some time. The sonar screen on the bottom shows a whole lot of bait [mainly on the left] but if you look closely the right side of the screen is drawing arches. The Side scan confirms with the white vertical dashes that in fact there are some fish next to the bait. This is a broadband shot but if I would have had chirp enabled it would have distinguished the bait vrs the fish better.

 I took this shot off of my bow mounted Lowrance. I am using sonar and Side Scan to locate and catch bait. I had seen bait hugging the bottom and threw the net [in the water column just to the left of the boat between 0 and 20 feet] a little late and missed my target. On the right side of the sonar screen you can see the net falling to the bottom. You can actually see the individual 1 inch round sinkers on the bottom of the net in the side scan view. The net opened perfectly and is sinking to the bottom [at the 20 foot mark]. It appears on the screen that the right side is sinking faster than the left but remember...this is side scan...the transducer is looking out to the side of the boat therefore the 0 line is the surface and 20 is the bottom...the sinkers nearer the bottom and the center horn is closer to the surface. If you were underwater looking at the net fall it would look exactly like this.

In this Lowrance bow mounted pic I threw the net off of the front of the boat. You can see in the sonar the net falling threw a major school of bait but since I threw it forward of the transducer it did not show up out to the side in side scan. I have a LSS2 mounted on the bottom of my trolling motor and simply turn the motor with my remote to locate the bait then in this case I threw on them in front of the boat before the boat got over them and spooked them.

If you are not seeing pics like these on your depth finders check out my setting to see if you are set up right. If you are ready to upgrade, stop by Greentop and talk to the Pros there. They have more knowledge of the products they sell than anywhere else I know. When you buy from them they will go over the unit completely, pull the one out of a box when you purchase it and check for updates and update them, set up the unit for the body of water you fish but most importantly will accept any of your calls while you are on the water to help you get the most from your depth finder. There knowledge of Navico products is comparable to the owners manual,  but it is easier to speak with someone rather than fumbling through a complicated manual. Even I check with them on occasion when I can't figure it out. The Guru's at Greentop are Steve Lane and Thomas Harris. If you are looking for a Lowrance that has GPS, Sonar, Side Scan and Down Scan including a total scan transducer in a 7 inch format check out the Elite 7 TI for around $800. That will be the next unit I put on my bow.  Go see them, you will be glad you did!

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Quite an Interesting Day

 Evan, David, Dean and Jeff

 Fish on the ground wouldn't fit on the stringer.

Sam, Nathan, Janet and Kimmy

Funky weather today...Warm and rain in the morning with South wind, then cold front blowing threw with the wind changing to the north dropping air temps 10 degrees in 2 hours then east wind and showers then South winds and full sun????? Tony and I both fished today and laid the smack down on some Stripers. He took Janet, Kimmy and Sam and I took the other crew and together we caught 80 Stripers today. Smallest fish on the top stringer was 24 inches and the smallest one on the ground was 21inches...lots of nice fish. Our fish when they hooked up today clobbered the baits. The Water Bugz planner boards were skipping across the water in all directions but my crew met the challenge and did an exceptional job of controlling the fish. There was great action not only in the water but also in the boat. We filmed some of the nicer hook ups today and hopefully in the near future they will edit it, send it to me and I will post some of the chaos that went on today. My group had never done well on Anna before but after 10 minutes of throwing the net this morning I think they knew they were in for a treat today. Lots of fun on the water today.
This is just the beginning of a great Spring season. Contact us and come get you some!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Finally caught a BIG ONE

Michael Ward
Cloudy and Stormy, Water Temperature 58*
Michael booked a trip with me today with hopes of catching a big Striper. We went out at 3am to catch some 15 inch Gizzards. After throwing for 3 hours I finally had about 20 in the tank so we hit the water between lighting bolts. About 7:30 the bobber hooked up and the drag was Screaming! The fish headed for the front of the boat and I don't know what was louder...the drag screaming , the line singing as it passed the boat about 10 mph or me hollering at Mike to avoid the rest of my planner boards. We chased the fish for at least 300 yards then it decided to go into High Point Marina. It got around the new docks there but we managed to get it away from the pilings. Carlos saw what was going on when he was on his tractor and by now the fish was close to the ramps. I knew we could not net the fish so I yelled to him to put the front end loader of his tractor in the water and we lead the fish into the bucket. Carlos did a great job of bucketing the fish. After 2 hours the fish was ours. Not bad for a April fools  joke!!! Don't know where this fish really was caught but is is a nice one. 41.5 inches, 45 pounds. Great to catch one tomorrow half it's size!