Saturday, September 19, 2020

Lake Anna Crappie

Don, Carson, Joselyn and Burgess


 Lake Anna Crappie fishing is on Fire. Guides Don and Bubba are putting their clients on Hundreds of Crappie daily. Lake limits are 25 per day and the fish are very prolific here. They fish out of comfortable Pontoon boats and can take up to six anglers per boat making a charter very affordable when you split the cost up between the anglers. Crappie fishing is only going to get better as the water cools down and fall approaches.  If you would like to fish with the Pro's check us out at or contact us at   540 223 0850   540 967 3313  You Will Be Glad You Did!

Friday, September 11, 2020

Remember 9/11! Lake Anna is on Fire

 Matt, Lewis, Gavin and Chuck

 Ron, Dave, Doug

 Doug, Virginia, Sue and John

Donna and Doug

Today Bryan, Bubba and Myself got together at the crack of dawn looking for Stripers. The schools were easy to find, we saw 8 or 10 different schools within the first hour but the fish would not eat! I had enough of that so I got on the motor and went looking for something different. Saw some fish in a different part of the water column and put some baits on them and caught six punks real quick. I made a minor adjustment and we were on! We caught about 20 Stripers and had a ball doing so. Bryan also worked schools for about 4 hours without putting a keeper in the boat. I called him and told him I was done. That must have pissed him off because he went into attack mode and within the next hour or so smoked them and put 12 nice keepers in the boat. Bubba caught a few Stripers in the morning while waiting for his clients to show up for a Crappie charter. I called him and he was out of breath working so hard to keep his clients baits in the water. A few hours later he sent me the picture of the all those beautiful Lake Anna Crappie. Don and Donna casually enjoyed their time together on the water and caught these nice Stripers and Crappie seen on the bottom pic. If you would like to come out and fish with the Pro's check us out at or contact us at   540 967 3313    540 223 0850  You Will Be Glad You Did!

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Lake Anna Stripers and Crappie

Doug, Bubba and Don
 Brent, Larrry, Christine and Tina

Interesting day. Got to the Lake at 5am, started the motor and an alarm was going off. Tried to diagnose the problem and all I could figure out was the gauge was sending a false signal to the motor and it shut down half the banks. I decided to put it back on the trailer and go get my other boat and returned to the marina at 7:15. What do they say about owning a boat? The best times are the day you buy it and the day you sell it! Anyway I am very fortunate to have two good friends that own Louisa Boat and Motors, Greg and Bubby  and they came by , picked my boat up, found the problem and I am ready for tomorrow.  I looked for fish for about an hour before I located what I wanted to see and we worked them for the next four hours catching fish after fish. Don joined in the fun and they caught a mess as well. We came off the water before noon but Don and Bubba had other thoughts in their mind, they went Crappie fishing for a couple hours and caught about 150, keeping the ones on the table to eat. I sure hope a couple of those fillets come my way! 
If you would like to enjoy a morning on beautiful Lake Anna fishing for abundant Stripers or Crappie check us out on my website at or contact us at   540 967 3313 or 540 223 0850, You will be glad you did!

Monday, September 07, 2020

Lake Anna Labor Day Weekend Fun

 Dion with a couple of the nice Stripers he caught Saturday

 Keven, Dave, Jake and Terry

 It's Crappie time! Don and Bubba went out for 2 hours and caught 
a nice mess of these delicious eating fish. For the next 3 months 
these fish will be schooling. Reserve your charter today!

 Annetta, Megan and Robert
8 of 19

 Takes three to land this one!

Dad helping out
Boys showing off a few they caught. They landed about 20 
yesterday. Lee wore them out! 540 967 3313
Come on out and get you some!

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

A quick Lake Anna Limit

Lee, Bryan and myself decided to go out yesterday evening to try something different so we met after 6pm and went just around the corner since we did not have much time. Less than an hour later we had our limits and were coming off the water. Great when a plan comes together. Check us out at or contact us at   540 223 0850   540 967 3313 , you will be glad you did!