Wednesday, May 31, 2006

NV HOMES Company Party

Matt Lynn, Kristina Dolack, Frank Dennis, Henry Chavez, John Snead and James High

May 31, 2006 : Sunny and hot, Water temp 80* and clear
Had company party today and needed two boats to accommodate 6 people so John and I got on the water at 3 am to catch herring. Picked clients up at 5:30 and headed out to locate some school of fish. John found a small school in 28 ' of water and called me in and we proceeded to wear them out. We had constant action for an hour , each boat having over 50 hits catching about 20 stripers and a dozen cats. We decided to leave that school and go collect some Gizzard Shad to run on downlines for the rest of the day. After catching bait , I located 2 more different schools of Stripers and called John in and when it was all said and done our clients had well over 200 hits for the day, keeping 17 Stripers and numerous Cats. We lost count of how many fish we released today. The water temp has risen 8* in the last 4 days and has put these Stripers on the deep flats positioning themselves to be caught using downline techniques. For the next 2 months we will catch 50 to 100 Stripers a morning.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Billy, Jeff, Lance and Beau

May 26, 2006 : Sunny and warm, Water temp 70*
Got on the water at 3:30 am this morning to catch Herring. Picked up clients on their dock at 5:30 and went in search of deep fish. Found a school immediately and put downlines on them and as soon as I could get them out they got hit. Went thru 15 baits in 2 minutes putting only cats in the boat so I decided to move and locate other schools of fish. Found another school in 30' of water, got 3 lines out and hooked up before I could get out any more lines out. Landed a nice Striper , looked at the depth finder, it was black with Stripers, then was informed by one of my clients nature was calling and had to go. We left for a few minutes, came back and the fish were gone! We fished thru the day , went back to the first school we found and caught a lot of Stripers and cats. We also caught a very nice bass in 40' of water. On the way back to the marina we ran over a huge school of stripers and put what baits we had left down on them and finished out the day. Probably had 75 hits today.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Doug and Donnie, Richard and Stud

May 24, 2006 : Sunny, Water clear and 67*

Ran flats early with limited success then went in search of fish on deeper flats . Found Stripers on 22' flats and ran Gizzards on them on downlines catching a bunch of big cats and some nice Stripers along with a Walleye.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Frank Lindsay,wife, brother and sister in law

May 23, 2006 : Sunny and cold front, water 67* and falling
Picked up clients and went searching for Stripers in the same locations of yesterday with no success. The weather front had changed everything and shut down the bite of the day before. We fished probably 15 areas and burned up a tank of gas looking for fish. After a hard and cold day of fishing, we caught enough fish for a few dinners.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Robert and Bobbie Lanning

May 22, 2006 : Sunny and pleasant, Water clear and 69*
Got on the water at 3 to catch Herring and went to the dock to pick up my clients. They called and had overslept so I went out to find a school of fish. I found a school 2 minutes out and put 5 downlines out and hooked up on every one. I boated 4 stripers and a cat . Murphy's Law, clients are late and fishing is Great. Went back to the marina and waited for them to arrive. Picked them up and went back to the area and guess what? The fish moved. Anyway , we found fish just about everywhere we looked today . WE had 130 hits by 10:30 and had to catch more bait. We lost count of how many fish we caught but we had a great day.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bootsie, Paul and Skip

May 17, 2006 : Sunny and cool, Water clear and 68*
Got on the water at 3:30 am to catch Herring this morning anticipating a downline bite today. We ran 20 to 30' flats and had probably 25 hits but most of the strikes were short. We caught 2 very nice bass on channel bends in 35 foot of water. They were post spawn fish and in good health. Clients kept 7 stripers and a couple of cats.

Bootsie, Paul and Skip

May 17, 2006 : Sunny and cool, Water clear and 68*
Got on the water at 3:30 am to catch Herring this morning anticipating a downline bite today. We ran 20 to 30' flats and had probably 25 hits but most of the strikes were short. We caught 2 very nice bass on channel bends in 35 foot of water. They were post spawn fish and in good health. Clients kept 7 stripers and a couple of cats.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Heater Bachelor Party

May 13, 2006 : Sunny and cool, Water temp 67*, Clear
Had party of 8 for bachelor party today so I took 4 people out on my boat and John took out the other 4. Had a late start due to a little too much partying the night before but we got out and caught bait and wet some lines. John and I both ran flats in the mouths of uplake creeks using planner boards. Stripers were hitting short and prefered the Gizzards. We had numerous hits but at least on my boat we had plenty of hookups but could not put them in the boat. Fishing was slow but we managed to catch a few fish . Between both boats we caught 12 stripers[alot of shorts] and plenty of cats. Both boats caught Stripers over 10 pounds. Grooms wife called all day worried about the Groom geting 'Racoon Eyes' .

Friday, May 12, 2006

Newton Morris and crew

May 12, 2006 : Sunny and cool, water temp 65*

Ran Gizzards and Herring on planner boards today starting off on shallow flats in 8' of water moving to deeper flats later in the day with limited sucess. Went to channel bends and ran downlines catching a few more stripers and cats along with a nice bass in 40 ' of water.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Chad, Tom, Bob

Dave Jones, John, Earl Custer, Ted Weimert
May 6, 2006 : Sunny and 75*, Water Temp 64* and Clear
Had a group of 10 friends to go out today so we took 3 boats out , mine, Johns and Allen's. The morning was extremely foggy and all the boats had problems getting to their destinations so I pulled up on a shallow flat and proceeded to run planner boards with both Gizzard Shad and Herring . Immediatly we started getting hit on the larger gizzards over 15' of water. We probably could have caught a lot more fish but due to the fog other boats kept running over us and spooking the fish. After the fog cleared I went uplake and caught more Gizz and set up on channel points . We caught a few more fish and caught a 11 pounder on a herring on a board. Being a Saturday boat traffic ran us off and had to seek another location away from the traffic. We fished the edges of a 14' flat and continued to catch fish. We ended up with 26 hits, clients kept 10 Stripers and 3 Cats.
John fished uplake points and caught his fish primarly on Herring and in the afternoon moved midlake to finish out the day. They kept 6 Stripers and 5 Cats. Allens crew caught a few Stripers and a Walleye.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Ted, Matt, Mark and Wendell Presley

Friday, May 5, 2006 , Sunny, Air Temp 80*, Water 64*, clear
Caught Herring under lights before daylight, picked up clients and caught gizzards and went fishing. Ran mouth of creek with 10' flats nearby , had a couple of hits . Moved to 8' flat and ran planner boards and started putting fish in the boat , mostly on Gizz. After the sun got bright we moved to 20 ' flats and continued to catch fish. Had 30 hits, clients kept 15 stripers for 78 lbs, 3 catfish.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Clint Heflin, Buck Covington, Jeff W.

May 4, 2006 : Sunny and 78*, Water Temp 63* and clear.
Started off the day running boards and downlines with both gizzards and Herring in depths from 5' to 20'. Has limited success and moved to main lake points where we started to nail the Stripers. We caught fish on both baits but the nicer fish were hitting larger gizzards on planner boards although we did catch a nice Walleye on a Herring. Later in the day we moved to 20' flats and caught fish on downlines. Ended up the day with 32 hits, clients keeping 10 Stripers, a couple of cats and a 5 lb walleye.