Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Lake Anna Crappie Last Week

Interstate Battery Team
Interstate Distributors and Corporate heads had fun 
fishing for Crappie with Don and Doug Tuesday
morning. Not a bad way to get business done!
   They caught about 200!


                                                                             Bob and BA



                                                                 Tim, Teagan and Emma

                                                                          Sweet Emma


Lake Anna is an incredible fishery and fishing for Crappie is no exception. Guides Don, Bubba and Doug are turning on Family's, Friends and Groups to constant action usually catching upwards of 200 fish an outing fishing off of large pontoon boats which can accommodate 6 or 7 anglers. Crappie fishing is just getting started for the season and if you would like to enjoy beautiful Lake Anna for some fall fishing contact the Pro's at  540 967 3313 or 540 223 0850, You will be glad you did!