Thursday, April 30, 2020

Lake Anna recent pics

 Robert, Rick, Leyton and Brooks

 Bryan and Jim

 Troy and Bryan



April is gone, the weather is warming, the Stripers are 
spawning, the fish are biting, the Lake is beautiful, 
What are you waiting for? We are catching citation
Stripers, Largemouth, Catfish and Crappie
540 967 3313

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Lake Anna is giving up more Citations!

 Carman holding up her 23 inch post spawn Largemouth!
This Citation was released back to fight another day.

 Katie with her Citation Hybrid "Wiper"

 Mike Jones with a 32 pound Citation Catfish
Picture does not do this fish justice!

 Mike with one of many nice Bass today

 Katie, Nanette, John and Joshua Carradice
These are 8 of about 20 fish caught this morning

 Katie with dinner for 4

 Joshua hooked up with his first Striper of the morning

 Bryan and Mike
8 of 15 Stripers caught late in the afternoon

 Bryan's four fish limit yesterday afternoon,
released a dozen more.

 Bryan and I are constantly looking for fish to take our clients
 on future trips. Here are a few we caught in a 3 hour period.

Spring is here, fish are either spawning or seriously thinking
about it and feeding well. Want to get out of the house and 
enjoy beautiful Lake Anna and catch some fish? Contact:  540 967 3313

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Lake Anna Stripers are waking up!

 Anthony [Interstate Batteries], Bryan Jones and Anthony Hicks

Another interesting day...Woke up to snow mixed with rain. We met at 9 then went to catch bait. After 2 hours of throwing we had plenty of baits then went fishing. By now the wind had blown in bluebird sky's and the temps were now up to 42*. In the back of everyone's mind we were asking ourselves why did we come out here on such a bad day. Oh well, we tried to make the most of it. Fishing started out slow but after catching a couple we looked for other places to fish and eventually found some fish that would hit us but were lethargic in wanting to commit to the baits. After about 5 hours we got dialed in and spanked the fish. Bryan was the star of the day, he was catching fish 4 to 1 over the two Anthony's. We fished till we ran out of bait, caught 30 Stripers for a nice day. Largest fish was 14 pounds.

To Reserve a Charter, Contact:  540 967 3313

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Lake Anna Cold Front Stripeers

 Glen and Bryan

Yesterday we had two sets of clients cancel out and we had already planned on going fishing so Bryan and I met first thing in the morning and went out. On the way to the marina it was 31 degrees, quite a change from the 80"s a couple days earlier. As we went to catch bait we noticed the water temps had dropped from 65 two days ago to 56 this morning. The bait had pulled out off the banks and went deep, making them hard to catch. After two hours of throwing we had about 60 nice baits and went fishing. We didn't have clients so we decided to do something completely different trying to locate fish for another day. We put out only four baits and for about two hours we would get bit about every 10 to 15 minutes. The Stripers were not aggressive but by fishing this particular pattern we hooked up with about 20 nice fish and kept a few for us and our friends for an Easter diner on Sunday. Spring weather fluctuates so much you have to be prepared to change up your tactics to continually catch fish. 80 degrees last week, 31Saturday morning, rain, high winds and tornado warnings for tonight and tomorrow morning, back down into the 30's next week, CRAZY!

If you would like to reserve a charter, contact:  540 967 3313

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Lake Anna Stripers and Crappie

 These pigs wore Jeanne out!

 Curt put Landon on his personal best

 Even Glen gets lucky sometimes!

 Virgil with a nice one

 Troy and Bryan caught 17 this afternoon

 Lisa with two beautiful Stripers

 Four of a bunch Jeff and Lisa caught


 Bryan's cooler

 Nice Stripers

 Doug holding up two nice ones

 All Crappie pics from guides Don and Bubba

Fish are thinking about spawning and for the next month fishing is
going to get better daily. To reserve a charter, Contact:  540 967 3313