Sunday, June 13, 2021

Lake Anna Striper Fishing is Hot!

                                 Haley, Heather, Hue, Len and Helen w/Lee

                                 Outdoor Angels Foundation

                                  Aaron, Bob, Kemp, Jason, Jeremy, Klayton and Troy w/Bryan

                                 Sam, Doug and Bud w/Don

                                    Mary  and Brandie w/Jim

                                  Jimmy and Hannah w/Bryan

                                  Mark and Dave w/Bubba


                                 Blake, Ryan, Peyton, Lenny, Mike and Ron w/Jim


                                  Matt, Joe, Will and Earl w/Don

                                 Len, Phil, Rob, Bill and Owen w/Lee

                                 Doug, Cailin, Hunter, Kim, Phoebe and Bob w/Bubba

                                    Diego, Nathan and Andrade w/Lee

                                   Mike and Brenda w/Jim


                                 Bill Eichelberger and Family w/Jim  

June and July are the best months to fish for Stripers on Lake Anna. Our limits are generous [4 per person per day over 20 inches] and the mornings are action packed. Contact us today to reserve a charter fishing with the Pro's at  540 967 3313  540 223 0850

Sunday, June 06, 2021

Lake Anna Fishing is getting Hot!

                                  Anthony 25" 9 pound Citation Bass 6/4

                                Russell, Bill, Connie, Paige, Ryan and Drew w/Don

                                 Tyler, Kyle, Ryan, Jade and Jeff w/Lee 6/6

                                 Al, Billy, Paul and Roger w/ Don

                                 Doug, Cailin, Hunter, Kim, Phoebe and Bob w/ Bubba 6/6

                                    Diego, Nathan and Andrade w/Lee 6/5

                                 Don and Tim 6/2

                                              Jeff with a Citation Bass

                                      Scott and DP 6/6

The water is heating up to 79* and the fishing is heating up as well. For the next 3 months Lake Anna Striper fishing will be on Fire! Our calendars are filling up [only 3 spots left in June] so book your trips early to fish with one of our Pro's for Stripers. Check us out at or contact us at 540 967 3313  540 223 0850, You Will Be Glad You Did!

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Lake Anna Memorial Weekend Stripers

                                 Andy, Matt and Bob Limits by 7:30am w/Lee 5/31

                                  Bryan 5/29

                                   Joe, Joe, Charles and Charlie w/Bryan 5/30

                                  Ron, Mary, Ling, Bob and Mark w/Jim 6/1

                                        Jeff w/Dale 5/31 

 Although Memorial weekend at the Lake was basically a washout we managed to catch a few nice stringers of Stripers. Lake Anna Striper fishing is the best in years and the months of June and July are always the best fishing here. It is not uncommon to limit out within a couple hours and catches off 100 fish or more a morning is usually the norm. Want to go out on a charter and get tired of reeling in Stripers? We can hook you up. Check us out at or contact us at 540 223 0850  540 967 3313