Saturday, December 05, 2009

Troy Phillips and friends

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 2009: Rain, Snow, wind and Cold.
Anthony and I both had trips today, my clients backed out due to the extreme weather , Anthony's clients were going no mater what. Anthony got out early to catch bait and picked his clients up at daybreak. It had been raining for 3 hours by now and they had a 10 minute ride in the rain to worsen the situation. After arriving at his destination and setting out a spread of boards Anthony noticed that most of the points he wanted to fish were occupied with spreads of duck and goose decoys. He did not want to disturb the hunters so he worked other areas nearby with limited success then decided to make a move. By mid morning the wind was up and it was snowing sideways. Anthony made one offer to the guys to see if they wanted to abort or continue fishing, they wanted to stay, they took another slug out of a bottle of Crown and hunkered down for the duration. These were some tough guys! By 2 I noticed the roads were getting pretty white and slippery so I called Anthony up and told him he should consider getting his boat home before the roads got to bad. They all had to be soaked to the bone and frozen, and by now they were a little easier to convince it was time to go in and warm up. They had a good day catching fish and seeing who could stand the elements the best.