Sunday, March 22, 2020

Lake Anna Fun

 Dillon and Emory


 Bubba  540 967 3313

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Lake Anna Crappie are Chewing!

 Bubba with a Black Crappie Citation

 Another nice Citation!

Come on out and catch some nice Crappie!  540 967 3313

Friday, March 13, 2020

Some March catches from previous years

Come on down to beautiful Lake Anna and enjoy some good fishing, 
The only Corona down here is in the cooler!

With all the schools and businesses closing now is a good time to get 
out on the water with family and friends. No crowds or germs down 
here, just beautiful Lake Anna and an occasional bent pole. Contact:  540 967 3313

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Most memorable catches of the last few weeks

 Bryan and Mark

 Bryan and I have been out quite a bit lately looking for fish for our clients!

 Nice Hybrid and Striper

 10 and 13 pounders

 Anthony with a SML 20 pounder this morning



 38 Blue

 Another view of the 38

 Big one that broke the net!

 Don and Bubba catching slabs

Another over 30, already had broken the net on 
another big one, we could not get this into the boat
and had to cut the line.
More Crappie

We have been fishing when the weather permits locating fish 
for our Clients. As you can see it has been a mixed bag. 
Spring is almost here, the fish are feeding getting ready for the 
spawn. If you wish to enjoy a day on the water on beautiful Lake 
Anna contact us to reserve a memory.  540 967 3313

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Lake Anna...A Sportsmans Paradise

Don's happy Clients with a nice catch of Crappie

 Classic and Essentials by Classic Furniture Zeek and Robert Cox
family enjoying a cold morning on the Lake catching fish.

 Hunting can be great as well here as Bryan Jones of Gun Dog
 Kennels shows off the results of a good morning smack down.

 Of course being a sportsman has to include Deer hunting. Louisa
county consistently produces nice Deer. Even I get lucky once in 
a while. 

 Crappie fishing is great all year long on the lake as is evident from
this picture of  a morning catch. Don and Bubba never fail to put our 
clients on these great eating and fun catching fish.

 16 degrees this morning. Needed good Interstate batteries in the boat 
to keep my electronics working to catch these Stripers. Anthony and 
Kyle Barber are distributors of Interstate batteries in Northern Va.
 Brian with the first catch of the morning.

 Gwen jumped on the rod to worm up reeling in this nice fish.

 Leyton has been a perennial fisherman on my boat ever since
he could hold a rod and reel in his hand. Nothing will stop him
from going fishing!

 Got this one with black powder within a minute of getting
in the stand. Lucky!
 Enjoying the beautiful Lake and all its nature is always a blessing
as old friend Tom Mcfillan shared pictures of some albino deer
in his neighborhood.

Lake Anna always offers sportsmen endless opportunities to enjoy
the outdoors at its finest. As a sportsman myself November is a 
confusing month for me. It is hard to decide whether to hunt, fish or 
simply set at my dining room table looking out across my bean field
enjoying nature at its finest. 
If you would like to try fishing on Lake Anna, contact:  540 967 3313

Doug with a 2.5 Citation