Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Eddie Saghafi

Sept 20,2006, Clear and beautiful, Air temp 72*, Water temp 78*
Picked clients up at dock and went uplake to catch bait. Was very concerned about the day due to a cold front moving in last night. Bait collection was poor, took an hour and a half to catch enough bait to get started. Ran a flat with boards and hung a nice one but it ended up breaking the line. Caught a punk and released it then decided that I had to put the baits right in the fishes face to get them to hit so I converted to downlines and we started to get bit. The cold front hurt us today but we had 9 hits, caught 6 Stripers, a couple of cats and an Osprey . After being on the boat all day with Eddie at the end of the day I found out he was best friends with my brother that passed away a few years ago. What a small but wonderfull world we live in.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gordon Johnson, Tristan Carson, Ruoy Carson, Alan Vincent

Sept 12, 2006, Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temp 79*
Picked clients up at High Point Marina at 6:30 am and ran uplake to catch bait . Caught about 40 gizzards and herring and hit a 15' flat getting 3 hits and boating all the Stripers. Wanted to run larger baits so I went to another area , found some schooling Gizzards, threw the net 2 times and caught about 50 larger Shad. Relocated on another 15 foot flat and ran planner boards with the larger gizz and within 10 minutes of putting the baits out we had 4 hits and boated 3 more Stripers. The boys did great and naturally caught the largest fish of the day. Clients had 15 hits today, kept 8 nice Stripers and a few cats. Looks like the boys will become great fisherman.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Brian, John and Jack

Sept. 8,2006, Partly Sunny and pleasant, Water Temp 78*
Picked up Brian early and took him uplake to catch bait, John and his Dad would be a little late today. Caught bait easily and ran boards on a 15' flat with no success. Picked up other two clients and set up on a flat that I fished yesterday morning where we caught 5 Stripers and ran it with no luck. Was a bright and full moon last night and I thought it would make things tough today but no hits? Pulled up and hit a deeper flat nearby and poped 1 Striper in 16' on a board so I held that depth and ran the contour , hooking up with a couple other nice Stripers. The fish seemed to want the larger Gizzard but I only had a few. Fished 4 other flats with no luck and ended up with 4 Stripers and a couple of Cats.