Friday, June 30, 2006

Paul Henon, Jim Henon, Barnett Gibbs, Mike Hufner, and George Barboza

June 30, 2006 : Sunny and warm, Water 81* and clear
Picked clients up at High Point Marina at 5:30 am and found a small school of Stripers to "break" my clients in on and had a few hits and caught a few fish . After making sure they knew what they were up for I put them on a larger school and the fun began. John was guiding today so I called him in on the action and also called Danny in as well. All 3 boats were catching fish but the majority of this school was staying right under John's boat so after 10 minutes I decided to get on my big motor and find a larger school. I only had to go 400 yards and located plenty of fish. By 6:30 we had 7 keepers and John had 13 keepers, only needing 3 more to limit out. I kept moving and fishing different schools while John tried to catch 3 more keepers. By 10:30 the boat traffic had got up and had turned the fish off . We hadn't been hit for 40 minutes and we all knew it was all over so we called it a day, and a good day it was. Johns crew caught over 35 fish and ended up with 14 keepers and my clients had over 150 hits, caught over 40 Stripers and a bunch of Kitties, kept 16 Stripers, the largest was 30" and 11 pounds.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

SeniorSaghafi and Jeff Collins

June 29, 2006 : Sunny and warm, Water Temp 81*
Caught plenty of bait this morning and picked clients up at 5:30 am . Found our first school of Stripers within 5 minutes in 26' of water and put downlines on them. Before we got 4 lines out the fish started hitting the baits and for 15 minutes it was all we could do to keep baits in the water. Once the school looked like it was thinning out I would move on the big motor , relocate them again and do it all over again. By 7 am we had caught 20 fish so we decided to leave that school and find another school maybe with bigger fish in it. We hit on 3 more schools, catching Stripers and leaving them. We ended up fishing a huge school in 35' of water and using all of our bait up. Clients caught over 50 Stripers and a dozen Cats, keeping 12 nice fish to take home.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Myself and 6 Buddies

June 28, 2006 : Sunny and pleasant, Water temp81*
After 5 days of rain and flooding everywhere my client that was scheduled to go out with me had to cancel because he had numerous flooded basements in Northern Va. to deal with so I called up a bunch [6] of my friends and went fishing for fun for a change. Caught bait , picked up all the guys and headed out. I found numerous schools on 30 to 40 foot flats , put downlines on them and had a ball. My friends knew what to do so I did not have to bait every line or take every fish off so when I found the fish, we caught 'em. We all had fun and after the morning bite was over we all caught our limits. Did you have fun Sr.?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dave, Mark, Mark Jr. and Ryan Huber, With David [Boom Boom] Makogon

June 27, 2006 : Cloudy, Windy and Rain, Water Temp 81*
Caught bait easily this morning , picked up my clients at the dock and went in search of the ever elusive Striper School. We checked 35' flats with no success and moved to 25' flats where I found a small school . We put downlines on them and caught 9 Stripers before the catfish ran us off. We checked other 20 to 30' flats with little luck. Found a large school in 22' but all we caught were punks. " Boom Boom" caught the majority of the punks. After 4 hours of fishing and looking I decided to head down lake and on the way found a school at the 208 Bridge, worked the same school all the back to the splits before we ran out of baits. Lost count of how many fish we caught but we went through 200 Herring , clients kept 13 Stripers to take home.

Monday, June 26, 2006

John, Micheal, and John Phillips, Carl Sierk

June 226, 2006 : Cloudy and rain, Water temp 81*
Bait collection sucked this morning, only caught 40 Herring by daylight and I need 200. Picked clients up and looked for schools on 35' flats. Took about 45 minutes before I found what I wanted, but when I did the graph looked like spagetti with all of the arches from 20' to 35' deep. We put downlines on them and proceeded to work on 'em. That school wooked its way uplake so I kept moving to keep up with it but sone ran out of bait . Looked for bait for 2 hours again and finially found it in 17' of water, threw the net and caught 125 herring. Feast or Famine. Went in search of Stripers again and went uplake and found a school of 10 pounders, all lines went down and the fight was on. Clients ended up catching 28 Stripers, 8 Cats and kept 16 very nice Stripers. Sorry for the bad picture, it was pooring down rain and those are raindrops on the picture.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tom Hanlon, Gary Saur, Steve Bartlett, Ted Aposporos, and Alen Breon

June 24,2006 ; Cloudy and rainy, Water Temp 81*
Rain this morning while collecting bait, picked up clients and went in search of the ever moving Striper Schools. Took about 4 minutes to locate our first school in 34' of water. I instructed my clients on how to put the downlines down and we got 6 hits before the school moved off. Located another school , put downlines on them and caught a few more before we lost the school. By now my clients had the drill down and I put them on a larger school and we proceeded to wear them out. After about an hour and a half the coller was full, I counted the fish and we had kept 20 nice Stripers. We had 70 hits this morning, catching 35 Stripers and a few Cats.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Stuart Anderson, Norm Slattery, Mike High and Ronnie Manley

June 23, 2006, Cloudy and warm, Water temp 82*
Bad thunderstorms this morning while collecting bait, rain slacked off just before I picked up my clients at 5:30. Didn't get far from the marina before I found a nice school. Put downlines out, hooked up and got on the radio and called John and Danny in on the school. We all caught some before the school started to move downlake. I pulled up and found them again and called the other guys in. A couple of other bass boats saw us catching fish and ran in on us and spooked the fish. I pulled up and relocated the school again and again and again untill we ended up catching 35 Stripers and a couple of cats. Clients kept 20 Stripers for about 100 pounds and we were off the water buy 9:15.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Craig Munro and Stu Anderson

June 21, 2006 : Sunny and Hot, Water temp 81* and clear
Caught bait early today and picked up clients and went looking for Stripers. Checked up from the marina for an hour and only found singles. Finally found a school in 33 ' of water and put downlines on them, poped 3 Stripers out of the school and looked up and a boat that saw us catching the fish ran 30 yards from us and spooked the school. Tried with no success to relocate that school so I went downlake to look for fish. Found a few fish in 40' , put out lines and damn if the same boat followed us and started heading for us so I picked up and dodged him. Fishing was slow today although clients had 80 hits they boated 20 Stripers, kept 8 and a few cats.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dan Whetsal and Jeff

June 20, 2006 : Party cloudy and warm, watertemp 80*
Cold front came through last night and messed up bait collection as well as fishing. Found only a couple of smaller schools today and caught alot of Stripers but most were punks. Clients ended up keeping 9 Stripers and a few Cats.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Clark and Ricky Jackson, Sammy Johnsonand Don Brown

June 19, 2006 : Sunny , Hot and Windy, Water temp 80*
Got out early again to catch bait and picked clients up at 5:30 am at the dock. Cruised for 5 minutes and located a nice school of Stripers in 30' of water , put downlines on them and got hit 35 times in 20 minutes. That school petered out and I looked shallower and found 2 different schools in 25' flats. Lost them and looked for 2 hours everywhere finding nothing and finished up the day running 25' flats. Clients had well over 110 hits, caught 25 Stripers and 10 cats, keeping 16 Stripers and 8 Cats.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Steve Burrill, Jimmie Richards, Elwood White, Killer Simms, Bob Bradshaw

June 17, 2006: Sunny and Warm, Water 77* and clear
Caught bait early and picked up clients at 5:30. Went uplake to search for schools but already their was alot of boat traffic on the water. Looked for fish for 35 minutes and could not see anything but small pods of fish so I decided to move to deeper water. Clients were very patient while I was looking . I couldn't put any large schools together so I just decided to keep looking till I found what I wanted. I burnt a half a tank of gas until I found some pods of fish so we put downlines on them and started to get hits. Action was slow but steady so we stayed with it . I knew fishing had to be tough due to what I was seeing on the depth finder and knew it would not get any better due to the boat traffic . I ended up using the rest of my fuel up looking for sparce schools of fish and hitting the schools when we found them. Clients ended up with at least 100 hits, catching 27 Stripers and 7 Cats , keeping 19 Stripers to salvage the day.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Gerty, Doug and Dillon Meyers, Lewis Watson

June 16, 2006 : Sunny and Pleasant, Water temp 76*
Caught bait this morning and picked up clients at 5:30 at High point Marina. Looked for 30 minutes on 30' flats without seeing much so I decided to move to deeper flats. Found a nice school in 36' of water , put out 8 downlines and the Stripers started jambing the Herring. We were doing great until 3 other boats ran right up to us so I left. Found another school and put down on them and started banging them and was doing well until 4 boats saw us catching fish and ran right up to me and spooked the fish. I have had enough of that so I picked up again and went to a place in the lake where no one could find me , found a school of Stripers and wore the fish and my clients out. Clients caught over 40 Stripers and kept 20 by 9:30 am to have a great day on Lake Anna.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tom McFillen and Bobby Smallwood

June 15, 2006 : Sunny and warm, Water temp 76* and clear
Caught bait this morning and picked clients up at 5:30 am and went in search of Schools of Stripers. Looked for 3 minutes and found a nice school and put out 8 downlines, fished that school for 20 minutes catching 12 Stripers and 5 Cats. This school was in a deep channel bend so I went to the next channel bend in the river and "WOW", found a school that was 3 acres big stacked 25' tall. I told the guys to get ready for the fastest action of their life and tried to put lines out but the fish hit as soon as we engaged the reels. We caught another 15 Stripers in 10 minutes ! By 7 am we had caught at least 25 Stripers , clients keeping 12 of 'um . I overheard Bobby telling Tom " This is great, the moon is still out, it's 7 oclock, we have caught our limits and I can be back home to cut hay before the dew gets off the fields".

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Matt Lynn and Alexis Contreras

June 14, 2006 : Cloudy and rain, Water temp 76*
With a huricane approaching off the coast I was not looking forward to today. Got up at 2am to catch bait and I am glad I did because bait was tough again. Picked up clients at 5:45 and went in search of schools of Stripers. I had 2 other boats on the water also helping me to locate fish but they gave up after awhile. I cruised for 2 hours looking for fish until I found my first school in 40' of water. We put downlines on them and went thru 30 baits in 10 minutes. Lost that school and looked on 40' flats and found another school and got hit another 30 times. Found another school in the back of a creek that had to be 5 acres big. All we could catch out of them were small stripers and cats. Went back to 40' flats and found yet another massive school and finished the day up on them.When all was said and done my clients caught at least 30 Stripers and a bunch of Cats and kept 12 nice Stripers.
PS. Alex now knows how to catch Stripers.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Senior Saghafi, Greg Marsh, Jeff Collins, Jason Munos

June 13, 2006 : Sunny and 82*, Water temp 76*
Had trouble catching bait this morning, could only catch very small baits. Picked clients up and searched for schools of fish and bait with little success. I knew it would be tough today due to the full moon last night with bait not coming to the lights and fish feeding hard the night before in the bright moonlight.We checked the areas that I caught fish yesterday with no luck. I decided to go to deeper flats in the 40' range and started hooking up. We ended up with over 100 hits catching 25 Stripers and 10 cats, clients keeping 14 Stripers for the day.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Geo. Sutorka, Jeff Sadler, Bob Hargis, Twyman Hunt

June 12, 2006 : Rain and cold, Water temp 76* and falling
Got on the water at 3 to catch bait, pooring down rain, set out lanterns to attract herring and had poor luck catching bait. Had 50 baits by daylight and picked up clients at the dock. Didn't have much confidence in the day with the cold front moving thru but I gave it my best shot. I looked for schools in 30 ' flats with no luck and after 1 hour moved to 25' flats and found them. After 30 minutes we went thru our baits and spent the next 2 hours looking for additional bait. We burnt $90 of gas today looking for fish and bait but it paid off with great results. When it was all said and done, we caught a 24" Walleye, 3 Bass pushing 7 pounds, 25 Stripers and a dozen Cats.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gary, Jeff, Earl and Steve

June 10, 2006 : Sunny and windy, Water temp 77*
Caught bait early again today and picked up clients up at the dock at 5:30 am. The wind was howling blowing in a cold front and I thought it might be a tough day. Looked for 20 minutes and couldn't find any schools but John called me in on a small school he located at the marina. We worked it for awhile with limited success. Never did find any feeding schools today but we did locate a major school in the back of a creek. Clients had over 100 hits today, mostly small Stripers and cats and ended up keeping some nice Stripers and a Walleye.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Jim and Brian Garner, Tom ,Shawn and Ryan Hess

June 9,2006: Sunny and Warm, Water temp 80* and clear
Picked ckients up at their dock this morning and went in search of a school of Stripers. Took only 5 minutes to find a school of at least 1000 fish, put downlines on them in 35' of water and before we got 8 lines out the action started. Within 1 hour we hit 3 different schools of fish catching Stripers in all of them then Wham, they disappeared. Didn't matter though because we had 50 hits and the kids had a ball. Clients caught numerous Stripers and Cats and kept these 10 beauties for dinner.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tom McFillen and Bobby Smallwood

May 8, 2006: Sunny and 80*, Water clear and 78*
Got on the lake this morning at 2:30 and caught Herring, picked my clients up at 5:30 and went in search of Stripers. We hit 2 or 3 schools right out of the box on downlines in 30' of water . The fish bite was good until 9 am then it slow down. We went to 22' flats to finish out the morning and ended up getting 70 hits , catching 30 Stripers and Cats, clients keeping 12 Stripers. The Stripers are feeding best in the early am then seem to shut down.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bill, Dino, Hugh and Sal

June 4, 2006 : Sunny and Beautiful, Water Clear and 78*
Had trouble catching bait this morning but managed to catch 100 pieces by the time I had to pick up my clients. I picked up my clients at 5:30 and found a school of Stripers and within 2 minutes after leaving the marina we had fish on. The Stripers were frantic and as soon as the baits hit the water we got bit. We probably had 30 bites in 10 minutes ! We fished downlines on 30' flats today and the fish cooperated until the boat traffic got up around 10 am. Clients ended up keeping 14 Stripers after getting at least 70 hits.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Cory, Benard, Russ and Greg Bane

June 2 2006: Sunny and warm, Water temp 74* and clear
Ran Herring on midlake flats in 30' of water today on downlines. The fish cooperated all day with clients getting 120 hits. Lost count of how many Stripers and Cats they caught but clients kept 16 Stripers for the day.