Sunday, June 30, 2019

Lake Anna Fun

 Casey, Graham, Ross and Woody
A few very fat 23 inch Hybrids

 Tony had a batchlor party out and Melvin was the Stripper.
Melvin, George, Mutt and Shon

Bryan took this lovely lady out and put her on some Stripers
Don't know what is harder, reeling in all those Stripers or 
holding up that heavy bar!
Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 90* and Clear
Today I worked a school for about 2 miles catching a bunch
of Stripers and Hybrids. We were on the fish less than 5 minutes
out of the shoot and worked them till 7:30, a whole lot of fun.
That's summer fishing on Lake Anna  540 967 3313

Friday, June 28, 2019

The weather is Hot, the Striper fishing is Hotter!

 Don and Bubba caught these nice Stripers by 8 this morning.

Aaron, Corwin, Enzo, Eldon, Darius, Izumi, Max
A whole lot of fun here.

 Corey, Shawn, Austin and Hunter

Adam and Bryan

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 87* and Clear
As the water temperatures rise the Striper fishing gets better and
better. Fish are schooling and the action is furious. We are locating 
schools by the thousands and our guides are working together to 
keep our clients on Stripers. Fishing will only improve as the summer 
progresses. Contact us to reserve your charter today!  540 967 3313

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Lake Anna Fun

 Howie, Scott, Ray and Eric

 DJ, Austin, Alec and Darus
The boys got to go out for a couple hours to have fun on the water. 

Tom and Chaise

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 87* and Clear

Want to get Hooked Up!
Contact  540 967 3313

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Lake Anna Stripers are HUNGRY!

 Pastor Ross took his wife Patti out for a morning of fun.

 Bob, Dave and Dan

 Capt. Dale and Tom
Caught these nice fish Trolling this morning.

 Beautiful Vanessa

 Steve with Don and Bubba

Nice cooler of fish for Adam and Bryan

Sunny, Warm, Water Temperature 86* and Clear
Let's go fishing.   Contact  540 967 3313

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Come on out and get you some!

Adam, Jimmy, Billy, Don 
Bryan took out clients on Monday afternoon and spanked the 
Stripers. Too bad he had to get them off the water due to the 
bad thunderstorms. 
 Bryan and Darlene 
Caught these Sunday afternoon in the middle of all that boat traffic

Kelsey, Stephanie and Thomas

As you can see we are tearing the Stripers up.
Great time to book a charter. Contact:  540 967 3313

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Lake Anna... A whole lot of catching going on!

 Rene, Mike and Javier Saturday
I took these clients out Saturday and Sunday and we had a whole 
lot of fun catching fish both days. They kept these fish on Saturday
and released the other 75 fish they caught this weekend. 
They had smiles on their face the whole time.

 We caught four Largemoth today in 55 feet of water with our baits
set on downlines 40 feet deep! These fish have probably never 
been caught before. They were healthy as they could be.

 They measured this one which was over twenty inches. 
The four Bass today would have topped 20 pounds.

 Jimmy Williams and friends

 Pastor Ross Strikes again!

Jeremy and Holden
Bubba and Don

As you can see Lake Anna is producing the fish this summer. As water 
temperatures get warmer, fishing will get even Hotter. To reserve a 
charter and to enjoy this beautiful Lake Anna contact  540 967 3313

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Lake Anna Stripers are Rockin!

 Laura, Roger, Will, Chuck and Bret
Kenny, Robert, Don and Bubba
Don and Bubba

Cloudy and Warm, Water Temperature climbing to 83* and Clear
This is the first spell we have had recently where we are not experiencing cold fronts blowing through every other day. The water is warming and the fishing is getting hotter. Today we had numerous guides working the schools of Stripers and together we caught well in excess of 200 fish releasing most to fight again. 
If you are interested in reserving a charter, Contact:
www.JimHemby  540 967 3313

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Lake Anna Stripers

 Sang Woo Yeo, Tae in Lee, Andy Tirch and Marty Lockard

 Charlie, Nicholas, and James

David and his Son's

The full moon has slowed us down a little but now the weather is finally 
heating up the fishing will significantly get better.  Contact
www.JimHemby  540 967 3313

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Fathers Day

Andrew, Liskey, Iris and Willow
Andrew took a day off from the farm to enjoy a morning
of Striper fishing and to celebrate Fathers Day with his family.
 All three are keepers!

 When you see this you better be ready!
Screen is dirty from flinging fish all over the boat.
 Ken, Charlie, Melvin, Jerry and DJ

 Brandon, Ken, Shelia, Chris and Ely

 A crew of happy Fathers

Pastor Ross and Jon

Birthday boy Chase

We would like to wish all Fathers, Step Fathers, Grandfathers
and Moms who father their children a great Fathers Day  540 967 3313

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Tony's clients Wednesday and Thursday

Brian, Will, Jack and Kim
Jeremy, Courtney, Chris and Mattie

Our guides are putting our clients on Lake Anna Stripers
Contact  540 967 3313

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Lake Anna Striper Fishing Heating Up!

 Josh, John, Paul and Kelvin

 Bubba, Donna, Vanessa and Don

 Dennis, Bubba and Don

Tim, Shannon and Don

June is an excellent month to fish for Lake Anna Stripers. We are fishing solid summer patterns with catches ranging from 50 to 100 fish per morning. On good mornings those numbers can actually double. Our guides work together using the best electronics fishing out of comfortable pontoon and tri-toon boats to constantly keep our clients on fish. Our boats handle up to 6 anglers and our fleet can accommodate large parties up to 25 anglers. Creel limits are very generous, anglers can keep four Stripers per person per day over 20 inches. If you would like to experience some "High Octane" fishing battling Stripers on Lake Anna Contact us to reserve your charter.  540 967 3313