Monday, October 03, 2005

Mike Vann

Sunny and pleasant, Water temp 74*
Caught bait fairly easy and laid out a spread of 8 planner boards and a bobber on the same flat we fished yesterday. Being Monday I was hoping there would not be as much boat traffic and the fish would cooperate a little better than yesterday and they did. We hit 3 flats that duplicated the same pattern and the Stripers wanted the big Gizz and hit them steadily all day. We had 19 hits, caught a couple of huge cats, clients kept 12 Stripers for 74 pounds, 4 of which went over 30 inches. Another testament to fish during the week .


Anonymous said...

Jim is the man!!! It was worth every penny! He knows exactly how/where to catch the stripers. If you are considering going out think about doing it during the week!! There were hardly any boats on the water. Thanks Jim...myself and the doctor allready bought the tackle we need and we are going out on Halloween to give it a shot. We'll be down by Sunset Harbour at about 6:00am.

Anonymous said...

Wow! My folks live on the lake - i had no idea you could catch that many, that big.

Also, I've setup a website that gathers Lake Anna fishing news from around the web - you can share it with your readers if you like -