Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kirk and Keith Mainland, David and David Grant

August 30, 2006, Partly cloudy and hot, Water temp 85*
Picked up clients early and went out to catch bait. Found some fish breaking around daylight and worked them for awhile but they were punks. Set up on a flat nearby and ran boards and bobbers. Made 6 passes on the flat and caught fish every pass. Ran out of bait and had to catch more then set up on a 20' flat I fished the day before. The wind was blowing and did not catch fish right away but kept working until we located the fish. And Boy did we ever. Everyone caught plenty of fish and the Boys expecially had a ball. Naturally the boys caught the largest with Keith catching a 32 inch Striper. Clients ended up keeping 14 beautiful Stripers for 73 pounds.

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