Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Eddie Saghafi

Sept 20,2006, Clear and beautiful, Air temp 72*, Water temp 78*
Picked clients up at dock and went uplake to catch bait. Was very concerned about the day due to a cold front moving in last night. Bait collection was poor, took an hour and a half to catch enough bait to get started. Ran a flat with boards and hung a nice one but it ended up breaking the line. Caught a punk and released it then decided that I had to put the baits right in the fishes face to get them to hit so I converted to downlines and we started to get bit. The cold front hurt us today but we had 9 hits, caught 6 Stripers, a couple of cats and an Osprey . After being on the boat all day with Eddie at the end of the day I found out he was best friends with my brother that passed away a few years ago. What a small but wonderfull world we live in.

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