Monday, January 22, 2007

Ed Whitlock

January 23, 2007: Sunny and cold, Water 45* and clear.
Caught Herring at daylight and started looking for fish at the Splits. Saw a few groups of Stripers around bait at 25' so we put out 8 downlines in their face but the fish were reluctant to hit. After fishing them for 30 minutes we put out planner boards and a bobber, running 14 lines covering from top to bottom. Worked the area for 2 hours catching only 1 Striper and a 2 pound crappie so we picked up and went further uplake . We located an area of about 10 acres that was solid bait and fish so we put out the spread and worked them for the rest of the morning. The Stripers were very lethargic and we only could catch 6 this morning, maybe due to the cold front and the bluebird skies. We kept 5 Stripers for dinner and the freezer.

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