Monday, March 26, 2007

Tony Shephard

March 26, 2007:

Partly Cloudy and cool, Water temp 56* and Stained.

Caught bait before light and headed for a 10 foot flat to start . Set out boards and free lines and made a pull for 400 yards without a hit so we got the baits in and relocated to a 15 ' flat and set up. We started hooking up just as I got the last line out and for the next hour and a half I couldn't keep up with the action. After 20 to 25 Fast strikes we pulled our baits up and left the feeding fish. My client today is a experienced Striper fisherman new to the lake and he decided he wanted to learn the lake so all we did the rest of the day was cruise and I explained the seasonal patterns of the lake for Stripers and Baitfish. We caught 12 fish in a couple of hours and kept 8.

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