Friday, November 30, 2007

Blue Ridge School Group

November 30th, 2007: Sunny and Cold, Water Temp 50* and Clear.
We had a group of 7 anglers today from Blue Ridge School so we split the guys up between my boat and John's boat. John took the Pomunky side of the lake and I went up the Anna Side. John caught Herring this morning and ran them on Planner boards and I had big Gizzards and ran them on Boards also. We got a few bites early then had a spell of 4 hours without putting a fish in the boat and then toward the end of the trip caught 5 in 20 minutes, catching 12 fish on Gizz today. John had hits consistantly all day and ended up catching over 20 Stripers today. Although the big fish did not feed today everyone ended up having action and taking fish home.

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