Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bob Hammond's Family

May 16th, 2009: Partly Sunny and warm, Water Temperature 72*
I knew today was going to be a challenge when I drove over the first bridge and there were 2 boats throwing for bait and when I got to Hunter Landing a little after 4am there were 4 boats already out . I put the boat in and glanced over to Dillard's bridge and there were 3 boats frothing the water with their nets. I went uplake and caught 52 big Gizzards , came back to the ramp and picked my clients up. As I was driving downlake I passed 5 or 6 boats fishing for Stripers and a couple of them followed me to where I was going. I told Bob that I was going to set up on a bogus flat, that in a couple minutes there would be all over us and once they got set up we would go to our fish. By the time I got out 6 boards we were surrounded by 5 boats. We put a couple fish in the boat and looked up and here comes this 24'Red SeaFox, stopped 70 yards in front of us, starts putting out boards, I turned to the left so he would not get tangled in mine, as I did he cut another boat off and that boat had to swerve to avoid tangling with this Idiot. Obviously these people are from the DC area and act like they are driving on the beltway. Anyway, my ploy worked, now there were 7 boats , the buzzards were commited and we picked up our spread and went to some nice fish. We set up on a flat with no other boats in sight and had 25 Stripers hook up and everyone had a great day. We actually had one Striper hook up that one of the boys could not handle so Bob jumped on the rod and fought it. He could never turn the fish and it eventually pull out.
Obviously I do not like fishing on the weekends!

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