Monday, November 02, 2009

Sara Seay

Here is Sara with her first deer[s]. Her daddy Steve has been practicing shooting with her all year in anticipation of taking her hunting in muzzle loading season. Today was their first chance to get out and Steve called about an hour before dark to see if they could come over and give it a try. They got up in one of my stands while I was driving in the driveway from my trip today. While I was posting my journal about our fishing trip today I heard a KPoww,, immediately got a call from Steve that she had laid one down. He said he was going to reload in case another deer came out in the field. About 10 minutes later I called him and he did not answer, and I knew why. KPoww, then he called all excited, she just shot her second deer. They came up to the house and Sara was as calm as she could be, we got my Doberman and went to check on the deer. Sara had dropped the first deer in its tracks, shot through the heart, my dog tracked the other deer about 30 yards and it to was shot through the heart. Two perfect shots!
Great job Sara, we are very proud of you and your expertise with a firearm. Not bad for an 8 year old.
I just am a little concerned though, I don't know if Louisa County can handle another " Seay" hunting!

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Anonymous said...

" I will keep this blog strictly about the fishing conditions "

You should have been a politician.

I would hope that Sara's dad would teach her how to fish, and not just how to shoot semi-tame deer in Jim Hemby's wild kingdom.

Nice truck !

/s/ Striper Al