Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jack Miller and Stan Cobb

Sunny and Windy, Water temperature 55* and Clear.
Anthony wanted to see if he could catch Stripers on a sailboat so he took Jack and Stan out this afternoon to do battle with the wind on Lake Anna. It certainly is a challenge to try and control a dozen planner boards while fighting the wind but by the looks of their catch it appears his trolling motor held the boat long enough for the guys to catch a few nice Stripers. Greentop Pro Stan Cobb gave the Bass on Lake Anna a break today also by laying down his casting rods opting out for pulling big Gizzards around the lake. When they weren't fighting fish or the wind Stan was enjoying watching and playing with Anthony's Lowrances, he has a HDS-10 and a HDS-8 on his dash using the 10 for Structure Scan, the 8 for sonar and a HDS-7 up on the bow which he uses for catching bait and also networking with the others to view sonar reading from the stern. Regardless of the weather these "High Tech Rednecks" enjoyed their day off today and took home a couple of fish for the table tonight.

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