Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yesterdays Simrad Shots

 In this pic we were pulling down lines at 20 feet deep. You can see the sinker [light fuzzy blue] and the bait [red with yellow outline] being pulled across the screen. The bait was simply being drug through the water column until it saw a fish on the bottom about two thirds of the way across the screen. The fish came up off the bottom to check the bait out so the bait rose up to get out of the way of the fish. This fish never engaged the bait. The bite was slow at this time and the fish were turned off.

 This picture shows bait and fish hugging the bottom. We were pulling baits at 24 feet and as we came out of a bait ball there were some fish which hit our bait and hooked up. [in the middle of the screen]. The vertical mark is us reeling the fish up to the boat.

 This is a shot just after daylight of a school of Gizz that was about 100 yards long.

This is another shot of Gizzards taken mid day.

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