Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A day on the water with Anthony

 A beautiful tank of Big Gizzards

 Coming into a school of Stripers

 Anthony caught this one out of the school of Stripers pictured above.

Anthony [one of our guides] when not guiding would rather go fishing and catch 3 or 4 big fish than catch 30 or 40 smaller fish. He dreams about using big baits for big fish. He recently went fishing for a couple days in a row with a couple friends and they caught numerous fish up to 20 pounds. He was using some huge baits for this time of year and the bigger the bait the bigger the fish they caught. He is not looking for numerous hookups at once but in the pic below he had 4 teenagers hooked up at once.

Notice the history bar above the sonar. Anthony had been over this school for quite awhile.
If you want to catch big Stripers, use Big baits, find Big fish and have Big success.
This beautiful screen shot was taken on a Lowrance HDS 12.


Anonymous said...

good job Anthony. nice fish

Anonymous said...

hi jim can you tell us more on fishing big baits. it looked by the screen shots that Anthony was fishing down lines. p.s is Anthony for hire

Dr.BumpAss said...

Anthony teaches more than how to catch fish. He teaches how to be a fisherman. His experience, knowledge and wisdom has exponentially enhanced my fishing skills but more importantly has turned me into a man who is learning how to balance my addiction and passion with the rest of my life. My wife doesn't know Anthony but loves him. And to think he admires you must mean something. You are always welcome to join us on one of our adventures. That is if you can handle watching others do all the hard work and yelling at you for not laughing enough!

Anonymous said...

my wife is going to love Anthony too because I have no balance. stripers 24/7