Thursday, January 22, 2015


 Anthony holding up one of 30 Stripers we caught today.

Greg with a 23 inch Citation Bass.

This is one of 10 Largemouth Bass we caught today. We are holding it over the Simrad for a reason. People at the show kept asking me what Largemouth look like on my Simrad. Well, here it is. No, I am not being a smart a__ showing the Bass laying on the Simrad. If you look at the screen the fish on the bottom are all Bass. We hooked up on a down line when we went over them and I went back in my history to bring up the exact spot they were holding on. As you can see these Bass were not relating to a thing, just like Every Bass we caught today. Greg's Bass came on a planner board over 42 feet of water. At the same time we had two other Bass hook up. They were not relating to any structure. I took a couple screen shots that I may post tomorrow showing the Bass coming up off the bottom and hitting a bait 15 feet above it! It probably would have been a great day to throw jerk baits.

We each wanted to keep 2 Stripers today for a good diner so we kept these 6 fish and released all the others to fight again. I have been off the water for well over a month now [hunting and some good time off] but we're back and the fish want to eat our offerings. February is traditionally a great month to fish and a good month to catch Big ones as well. If you get cabin fever I have the cure, works every time. I will be posting some nice stringers of Stripers in the near future.

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