Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lowrance and Simrad Rebates

Navico is giving rebates on some great Lowrance and Simrad units. Here are some of the rebates you can take advantage of. Lowrance rebates run through May 3rd, Simrad run through March 31st.
Stop by Greentop and let Steve or Thomas show you how they work.

ELIGIBLE PRODUCTS AND BUNDLES FOR PROMOTION Check boxes below for Purchased Qualified Products
$300 Rebate:
Purchase any HDS Gen2 Touch Display model with any one of the following:
o LSS-2 StructureScan HD Transducer
o SpotlightScan Transducer o GoFree Module o Point-1 GPS Antenna o SonarHub Sounder Module o Outboard Pilot o Broadband 3G or 4G Radar
$200 Rebate:
o HDS Gen2 Touch + LSS-2 Bundle (any size model)
$100 Rebate:
Purchase any of the units or accessories following:
o HDS Gen2 Touch (any size model) o SpotlightScan
For additional information on eligible products please visit:

Check boxes below for Purchased Qualified Products
$500 Rebate o 000-11196-001 N SS16 evo2
$400 Rebate o 000-11192-001 NSS12 evo2 o 000-11451-001 NSS12 evo2 w/4G Radar
$300 Rebate o 0 00-11190-001 NSS9 evo2 o 0 00-11450-001 NSS9 evo2 w/4G Radar
$100 Rebate o 0 00-11184-001 NSS7 evo2 & purchase of:
 o H DI SKIMMER XDCR 50/200 455/800KHZ (000-10977-001) o H DI SKIMMER XDCR 83/200 455/800KHZ (000-10976-001)
Check box below for “Free” product in addition to your Visa prepaid card: o “Free” GoFree Module Or o “Free” RS35 VHF Marine Radio
$150 Rebate o 000-11674-001 ForwardScanTM XDCR Kit GoFree Module o 000-11184-001 NSS7 evo2 – No Transducer

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