Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ron and Darrell

Cloudy and Windy, Water temperature 64* and Clear
Today the weather was changing yet again, high yesterday was around 80* and today the winds blew out of the East and air temps only got up to around 60* while we were out there. We got an early start and first pulled a shallow flat with boards. We caught 7 Stripers then traffic started to get up so I decided to make a move. These guys are down for the week so I took an hour to show them places to fish for Crappie as well as Stripers while they were here. By the time we were ready to fish again the wind was howling so I tried to set up in an area where I could somewhat control the boat in the wind and hopefully avoid boat traffic. The decision paid off and we were able to limit out by noon. I am still anxiously waiting for the weather to stabilize hoping for the Stripers to start a spawn so we can work on the larger Stripers that are in the lake. I am optimistic that in the upcoming weeks fishing will break loose and the lake will give up some of its 15 to 20 pound fish.

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