Friday, October 09, 2015

A early morning bite

 Rick and Rick and his crew

 This is a screen shot I took today as we had numerous hookups. In the center of the screen is a ball of bait and to the right of the bait are Stripers going Nuts! I should have waited to take the pic but I was too busy netting fish when the good stuff was on the screen.

This shot is typical of feeding Stripers. In the top half of the pic is bait fleeing from the Stripers. The Stripers are obvious just below the bait. The fish with the most color are in the cone of the transducer and you can see fainter arches and streaking without dark color which are on the outside of the cone. I was only in 20 feet of water here and the width of the cone where the fish are is not very wide. In the picture above this one the boat was only in 15 feet of water and all of the arches were directly under the transducer. There is a whole lot going on in these two screen shots. Love my Navionics!

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