Saturday, July 16, 2016

A morning with my grandson


Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 87* and clear
This morning I took my grandson Michael out for some fun reeling in Stripers. On our first set the first fish he reeled in was a 8 pounder which was a great way to start the morning. I was not out to burn the fish up this morning, we just wanted to hit different areas seeing what size fish were around. After he caught that fish we moved to another area but only caught Hybrids there so I moved again. We worked the edge of a flat and by 7 we had caught 15 Stripers so we hit another area similar to that one and wore ourselves out. After Michael reeled in about 40 Stripers we decided to release the rest of the baits, take his dog for a swim and head back home. We got off the water before 9 and on the way home he saw the clock in the truck and said "Gosh, I thought it was 2 o'clock! Time is different when you get up at 3am.

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