Monday, August 14, 2017

A Fishy Monday

 Scott, Tony, Anthony, Dave, Joe, Rich and Rich
Eric Thompson
Don and Bubba

Cloudy and Warm, Water temperature 83* and Clear
Today started out very slow, we would find fish, set up on them and nothing. Between our three boats we must have covered almost 5 square miles of water looking for fish that would eat a bait. At times we would set up over hundreds of Stripers just to get a bait or two slammed but not hook up. I finally got on some fish around 9 o'clock and Anthony hooked up a couple of times so I called Don over and he started hooking up as well. Tony had been setting over a school for a while and they started catching fish. It was like all the stars lined up or someone turned on a light switch but now it was time to have some fun. After hitting 5 or 6 different schools by lunchtime we had gone from a Zero to limiting out. Funny how fishing goes, we can't make them feed but perseverance saved the day.

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