Thursday, August 16, 2018

Lake Anna is Great!

 Found these at 6:30 this morning and we put the baits in their faces

Caught 16 by 7:10 and after reeling in our lines looked down and 
popped this pic, we were still on them. Fast and furious Fishing!

 Steven, John and Jake

Steven with a nice Bass 

Sunny and Warm, Water Temp 88* and Clear
Picked the guys up this morning and taught them how to deploy the baits. Looked for about 15 minutes then decide to do a mock set up just so they would be prepared for when I found a school. After ironing out the kinks they had it so I got back on the motor again and found what I wanted. They jumped up and tried to get the baits in the water and before we got them all in we started hooking up. They were doing great putting the baits in the fishes faces and the fish were pissed of and eating them. In the early excitement they stumbled a little but it didn't take long before they were pros and spanked the Stripers. A half hour later we were done and heading back to the marina. Since they were Bass fishermen I showed them a few holes and gave them each a rod with a chunky Herring on them and they had fun catching Bass. Steven caught the nicest one, a extremely healthy fish. Got back home in time to have breakfast with my wife. Want to get out and enjoy Lake Anna and catch a few fish, contact us at:  540 967 3313

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