Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Fathers Day on Lake Anna

 D, Terry, Rob and Tyler

 Terry with her Citation Wyper

 Emilio, AJ, Alex, Haskell, Nona and Cheyenne

Herbie, Terrell, Shy, Jaden, Clarence and Treyvon

Cloudy and warm, Water Temperature 80* and Clear
Our guides hit the water this morning around 2 and caught up bait for our clients. We all had over 200 nice Herring and at 5:30 we went looking for Stripers. It being cloudy the fish did not school early so we fished small pods for awhile. Around 7 I located a large school and called the rest of the guys to me. Well that was a mistake because half the boats that were Striper fishing today followed them which naturally spooked the school due to all the boat motors and pressure. After the school broke up we located the school numerous times following them for about a mile. We would locate them, set up, pop 4 or 5 fish before the other boats would get to us and spook the fish then we would move again and again. All of our clients had a ball today catching Stripers. Can't wait get away from the weekend when the lake is more peaceful to enjoy Striper fishing on beautiful Lake Anna. If you would like to reserve a charter on Lake Anna check out my website  at or contact us at  540 967 3313  540 223 0850, you will be glad you did!

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