Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Lake Anna Striper Recent Catches

                                   Another Citation Hybrid

                                 Clayton, Steven, Melvin, Caeden, Shawn, Eric w/Bryan

                                      Adam, Anna, Aurora, Amelia, Sean, Logan and Cam w/Bryan

                                  Tina and Katie w/Jim

                                 Mike, Ray and Captain Dana

                                 The Eichelberger Family w/Jim

                                  Jake, David, Jeff w/Bryan



                                                     Erin 6/20

                                 Thomas, Joey, Jason, Eddie, Bib Eddie w/Lee

                                  Patric's family w/Bubba

                                Pat, Joe, Mike, Ollie and Matt w/Bryan

                                              Jeff, Beanie, Erin, Alison and Sydney w/Lee

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