Sunday, July 04, 2021

Lake Anna Fourth of July!

                                 Dan, Jack, Mike, Greg and Levi w/Jim 7/1

                                 Earl, Lee, Robert, Colin, Rick and Craig w/Don and Bubba

                                 Mark, Mark, Gage, Lucy, John and Sean w/Don

                                 Malakai, Mark, Brian, Austin and Matt w/Bubba


                                 Mutt, Norman,Manny, Shon and Bert w/Don

                                        Quite the Catch!

                                 One throw with a cast net on this and you have bait for the rest of the day

Happy Fourth of July! Lake Anna is Rockin with boat traffic this holiday weekend but so is the Striper fishing. The lake's population of Stripers is as healthy as I have ever seen it. Not only are our catches great but there are more juvenile fish in the lake than I can remember which will be our future catches. Lake Anna is a very well managed fishery with creel limits of four Stripers 20 inches or larger per day per person. We have an abundance of bait and fish in the lake which equates to excellent fishing now and for the future. Want to enjoy a morning fishing for Stripers on beautiful Lake Anna? Check us out at or contact us at 540 967 3313   540 223 0850   You Will be Glad you did!

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Unknown said...

Hello my name is jr and i went out today July 8th with Jim and had an awesome time everyone on the boat caught stripers Jim definitely knows a lot about striper fishing I can't wait to go back out with him again someday I would reccomend him for anyone