Saturday, September 24, 2005

Jim Chen, Dave and Jonathan Wabeke

Sunny and warm, winds calm, Water temp 77*
Started off the day serching for Gizzard Shad to use for bait. Took about 45 minutes to collect 25 baits and I laid out 8 planner boards and a bobber and proceeded to fish right where we caught bait. Before I got all the boards out we got jambed and I put Jonathan on the rod. We landed that Striper , finished putting out the rest of the lines and had constant action the rest of the day. I think we got Dave's son hooked on fishing. We had 23 strikes, caught a few cats and my clients kept 13 Stripers for 54 lbs.

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Anonymous said...

Jim -- you're exactly right, Jonathan is definitely looking forward to coming down again and so is his Dad :-) Thanks for providing us a great day on the water! You run a great service.