Friday, October 06, 2006

Peter Paradis and brother in law Jim

Oct. 6,2006; Rain and cold, water temp 73* and clear
Picked clients up at the dock at 6:30 and went in search of bait. On the way out I was thinking what a day this will be {a major cold front moved in last night and the temp dropped 30* since yesterday}. It didn't take long to confirm my fears after hitting 15 spots for bait we decided to start fishing at 9:30, 3 hours throwing for 25 baits. Anyway we ran boards and downlines today, only getting 10 hits, catching 3 Stripers, 3 Cats and the largest Bass Pete has ever caught. It rained 3 1/2 inches while we were out and the wind only got up to 25 miles an hour. I overheard Pete say on the way in" $210 for airfair from Chicago, picking Jim up at the airport and a 2 hour ride to the lake, $350 for a Fishing trip, $15 for beer, rain and wind pounding through 3 layers of clothing and rain gear and still getting soaked to the bone, Fishing License $15. Spending time with brother in law Jim on the water.....PRICELESS

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Jim and I had an awesome time, despite the weather. It only took two hours in the hot shower (separately of course) to thaw out. Jim is looking foward to his next trip out from Chicago, and I certainly want to get my wife Mary and our two (2) sons out soon. Thanks again for a great time -

Pete Paradis and Jim Swank