Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rick Woods, David Watts and Al Hammack

Oct. 29 2006: Very cold and Sunny, Water temp 59*

Checked a half dozen places for bait this morning with poor success. Finally caught enough to get started and put out a spread over main lake points . Hit one point that fish were moving up and down on and had hits about every pass for a couple hours. Went and spent 3 more hours catching bait and hit deeper points and humps midlake and caught the larger fish. There is a major front moving in tonight and fishing should improve tommorow.


MissyLee said...

Great catch...glad u had a good time

Anonymous said...

Rick my dearest friend great catch you guys and as always bless you. your a real sweety.

New York

Harold said...

Way to go Rick,Glad to see you out and about doing what you love to do best. Congrats Buddy !!!! H-Bom