Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jeff and Brock Adams

Nov. 11, 2006: Sunny and warm, Water temp 55* and stained
Got a late start and had a little trouble catching bait . Set up on the same area that we ran yesterday and pulled boards over the flat next to the channel. Saturday boat traffic was horrible with the holiday and 79* temps. Before we made our first pass 20 boats had run over the flat and spooked the fish. We found the school in 22' of water but they would not rise on the boards so we put downlines on them and still could not get hit. We fished the area hard for just a couple of hits and moved to find an area with less boat traffic. Fished a 22' flat with no luck and looked for other schools for 2 hours but went back to where we started the day . We put boards out again and got hit on every pass until a boater saw us catching fish and moved right in on the spot , spooking the fish. We ended up with 15 hits, clients keeping 6 fish. Although the days fishing was slow Brock and his Dad had a ball.

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Anonymous said...

Brock says that it was AWESOME and he's "hooked" for life!