Friday, November 24, 2006

November 24, 2006: Sunny and chilly, Water temp 50* and muddy.
Picked clients up at their dock and set up on a long, shallow flat running planner boards with big Gizzard shad. The water was in very poor shape after yesterdays hard rains and winds. Water clarity was poor. Stripers were not cooperative due to the Bluebird skies and the barometer spiking. After only a couple strikes on the flat we pulled off to deeper water and located plenty of fish in 20' of water. We put 6 downlines on them in addition to the 8 boards and bobber trying to get the fish to hit.
We also tried several other areas locating numerous schools of Stripers but the fish did not want to eat. We ended up catching a few Stripers on Planner boards over 40' of water [go figure]. We gave it our best shot and boated 5 Stripers for the day.

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