Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dan and Heather Targerson , Todd and Sharon Redman

May 2, 2007: Sunny and hot, Water temp 73* and clear.

Caught bait early , picked clients up and drove uplake to fish. Set out my spread over 15 to 20 foot flats running boards and downlines. The moon was bright again last and the fish were sluggish again this morning to bite. Although we were over fish most of the day, the fish were lethargic and the big fish did not want to feed. I will be glad when we get out of the moon phase and the 'Hogs' start feeding again. We had 26 hits today, the girls boating all their fish they had on and the guys, well they must of felt sorry for the fish and released 8 or 10 between them.

Other than 3 jerks on jet skis running over our lines it was a beautiful Spring day.

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