Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mike and Chriss Haines and Bill Coles

May 10, 2007: Cloudy and warm, Water temp 72* and Clear
Picked clients up at the dock at 4:45 am because they wanted to learn how to catch bait and threw for bait until daylight. Went to a main lake 15' flat and set out 10 planner boards and a bobber rigged with big Gizzards. As soon as we hit the flat we had 4 or 5 lines get boiled then we hooked up. I knew then it may be a long day since we only hooked up on one fish out of 5 boils. Within the next hour we had a bite every 5 minutes. By 9 o'clock we had to go back to the marina to get ice for the fish then we went to catch more bait. I set up on a deeper 20' flat with little respounce from the fish then moved to another deeper flat and got hits on downlines. At one point we had 4 lines go down at once. Today we had over 35 hits, over 20 fish hooked up but we only got 8 Stripers in the boat. I guess that old saying still stands true, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink! I had 3 great guys onboard today who learned alot and who will catch plenty of Stripers on thier own now.

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