Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kevin , Jeff and Bob Smith

Feb. 2nd, 2008 : Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temp 44* to 49* and Clear. Picked clients up at 7am and set up on a 15 to 20 foot flat. Rigged 8 Planner boards , a bobber and a downline and got hit immediatly . Kevin jumped on the rod and wrestled in a 33" Striper for the first fish of the day. We pulled about 200 yards and turned around to make another run over the same area and a friend [Striperholic] called me and said he had already limited out and come help him with a school of fish. Well it was only 7:30 and for him to already have caught his limit and we having caught the big fish and getting 2 more hits without hooking up I made the decision to run to the numbers. We got the rods in and within 5 minutes we set down beside Striperholic. He was on a 50 foot flat and had seen fish close to the bottom so I instructed the guys how to put downlines out and baited up 8 rods. No sooner did we get baited up did the fish start hitting. It was a little chaotic for awhile until the guys got it together but we caught a few there before the school moved. By 9am the fish had turned off and we looked for more schools finding only scattered fish in 40 to 50 foot depths. I fished them and pulled boards over some more flats but the Bluebird skies and boat traffic turned the fish off. We ended up having 23 strikes boating 14 Stripers and the crew taking a couple home for dinner. I kept overhearing all of them saying throughout the day " If only Matt were here ......."

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