Saturday, February 09, 2008

Steve Gross , Wayne Rutledge and Bob Elliot

February 9, 2008 : Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temps 46* to 51* and clear.
Caught bait early this morning and picked clients up at High Point at 7am. Headed downlake and checked a few areas on the way and set out 9 Planner Boards, a bobber and a downline over a 15 to 2o foot flat. A buzzard followed me from the marina and set down also about 100 yards behind me and once I started putting out my spread he fired his motor up and went around us and set back down 50 yards in front of us. I guess he thought if he got in front of us he could catch all the fish. Anyway, after we moved away from where he spooked the fish two of the boards that were running the shallowest got hit and Bob and Steve grabed the rods. It took a little teamwork to get both the fish in the boat, both got tangled with other lines but we managed to untangle them and net the fish. Happened to be the two largest fish of the day. We pulled the area for 2 hours getting several hits and boating a bunch of fish. At 9:30 we moved and set up on some fish in 50' of water near the bottom . We put downlines in their faces and put a few more in the boat. By 10am the wind was getting up and we decided to move uplake and set up on a 24' flat with downlines and caught a couple before I moved even further uplake and set up on some 25 to 30 foot flats. I put out 7 boards, a bobber and 6 downlines and we worked the area for a couple of hours boating a few more. Today we had 23 Strikes, boating 12 Stripers and clients releasing all but a few to take home for diner. The 3 largest fish were all around 10 pounds.

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