Friday, September 12, 2008

Ken Wilson and Linda Ayers

Sept 19th, 2008: Cloudy and cool, Water temp 79* and Clear.
Got on the water at 4:30 and went to catch bait. That was my first mistake of the day. I went to where I had been catching bait but saw very little, lost 1 net and tore another. [A $200 morning]
Caught only 8 or 10 baits by the time I picked my clients up at their dock at 6:30 and went to catch more. I hit the areas that bait has been but it wasn't. Around 8 I went to a midlake cove and saw and threw for bait there but Stripers were all around the bait which made it even harder to catch. By now I had about 18, I moved about 100 yards out and tried to put downlines out but there were too many Stripers in the area. Clients were catching them casting and on the downlines as fast as we could get them out. I never had more than 3 out when we were on the school without them going down. Talk about confusion, my clients did not know what hit them! We boated 10 in 10 minutes then I had to go catch bait. To make a long story short, bait collection sucked today, I must have looked and thrown for 5 hours today, the guys caught plenty of Stripers to take home.

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