Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jeff, Mark, Mike, Shawn and Jim

October 7th, 2008: Sunny, chilly morning, Water Temp 71* and Clear.
Picked the guys up at 6:15 and went to catch bait. Another cold front blew through and made bait collection difficult, tried areas that I had been catching it on previous trips with little success. Ran to the other side of the lake and tripped over a school ,threw the net and caught over 30 and went fishing. Pulled from Hunters up hitting the points and flats without getting a bite. Relocated to another area and put out 8 downlines and 7 boards and pulled various depths till we caught a fish. We made 8 circles on the spot and got hit every time till we ran out of bait. Looked for 45 minutes for more bait, could not catch or even find any, called it a day. I suggested to the guys when they booked the trip that fishing was not very good and they may want to pick another date, so instead of going out Monday they choose Tuesday! Duh! These guys had been with me before and needed a day away from work and knew how fishing would be, went out and had a good time. They all were happy with the results. If anyone needs a Ford, check them out at Universal Ford, maybe they will book another trip with me soon if you buy a vehicle from them.

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