Friday, October 10, 2008

John Crawford with friends Phil and Mike

October 10th, 2008: Sunny and warm, Water Temp 69* and clear.
Picked the guys up at their campers at Christopher Run and threw for bait around there, only catching 16 pieces. Went midlake and looked for bait with no success but fish were breaking everywhere. We could not get on the schools of breaking fish, they would only be up for a matter of seconds before sounding so we went to catch more bait. I looked a couple of other places then found some, made a cast and caught 34 more, then went fishing. Set up on a 15' flat running 15 baits on boards and downlines with no luck, pulled a 25 foot flat nearby with no luck, then moved up onto a 5 foot flat running boards, still no luck. Pulled off to deeper water and caught a Striper on a downline, then got hit a couple more times. I got all the freelines in and just ran downlines the rest of the day. Most of the times we saw fish there were only 8 or 10 fish in a pod and we would catch only 1 fish from a pod. Towards the later part of the day the fish schooled a little better, had 3 lines go off at once, then just before we came in we hit Spaghetti and most of the lines went down. One of the guys on board did not bring much luck with him today [I won't mention his name], every time he would pick up a rod with a Striper on it Mike would loose the fish. The guys wanted to put him in the penalty box but he caught a nice bass so they let him fish the rest of the day. Today we had 18 fish on, put 6 Stripers, a Largemouth and 5 Catfish in the boat.

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