Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bill Halladay with friends Brad and Brian

August 22nd, 2009: Cloudy and Warm, Water temperature 88* and clear.
Caught 220 baits this morning and picked the guys up at 5:45 and went in search of Stripers. Found a school and we put out 10 downlines. No sooner than the last bait hit the water Brian hooked up. Great way to start the day with Brian catching the biggest fish he had ever caught. Well for the next hour he put it on his dad and Bill catching most of the fish. We worked a school of fish that was relating to a ledge, we would loose the fish and find them a few hundred yards again down the ledge. I had a friend Greg that was out and we worked the school for a couple hours this morning until the magical 9 o'clock showed up, then the schools scattered and the fish turned off. We looked and fished for a couple more hours only to catch 1 more Striper. Boat traffic got up around 9:30 also which did not help the fishing. We had quite the light show this morning with all the thunder storms rolling through but before daybreak the rain stopped and no one got wet. Not a bad morning for a cold front blowing through on a weekend.

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